16 Jul 2024
Daddy State: Field of Dreams
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Daddy State: Field of Dreams

This week, YLC columnist Joel Sherwood went to check out a baseball game – in Stockholm. He brought his camera – and the kids…

A big day yesterday. My first baseball game in Sweden. Sundbyberg Heat against Leksand Lumberjacks. The girls helped me film a few clips from the evening.

It was not a close game, but it was way cool to see a group of people committed to playing the great sport that not many others in the country care much about. I feel like I’ve found some of my own tribe…

At the game, I got to talk to Sundbyberg Heat centerfielder Per Lindgren, to find out what it is like to play baseball in Sweden.

“It’s cold… but it’s a lot of fun,” he said.

Plenty of available seats

Lindgren is in his 25th year with the team. 25 years. Very cool dedication. I wanted to find out my chances to join the team.

“We have a very good policy;  everybody can play – and the thing is, everyone CAN contribute to the game,”Lindgren said.

Game notes:

  • The hitters used wooden bats – true pros!
  • The crowd was not big, but this helped our chances to get a foul ball.
  • The concession stand was closed for this game, the second of a doubleheader, so we went to a nearby gas station mid-game for ice cream.
  • After the game, the players turned into the grounds crew and took care of the field for the night.


The game ended 21-2, with out-of-towners Leksand catching Sundbyberg on a down night.  I have full faith the Heat will rise again, though…


Field of dreams

Featured Image: Hunter/Flickr (file)

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