21 May 2024
In Pictures: Stockholm Culture Festival & We Are STHLM 2018
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In Pictures: Stockholm Culture Festival & We Are STHLM 2018

Stockholm Culture Festival and We Are STHLM were once again held during the last week before the schools started, from the 14th to the 18th of August 2018. 

Canada was the main theme of the Culture Festival, but there was much more to see and do in the city, including Cirkus Cirkör‘s major show Aquanauts, which was performed every evening of the festival.

The youth festival We Are STHLM brought the kids many programme points from the world of social media and gaming, and less music than previous years, but we did find our musical favorites from there as well. Here we bring you a whole bunch of photos from our camera-wielding duo Karen Pérez Guzmán and Nina Uddin.

Let’s start off with some photos from We Are STHLM!

We Are STHLM offered the kids the chance to try some fun physical activities


Others were more drawn to eSports


One of our musical favorites in Kungsträdgården was the amazing Bishat


Linae played her first ever live gig at We Are STHLM – and she’s definitely one to watch… We strongly recommed you to have a listen to Sweet Sweat!


Esther Kirabo’s soulful delivery made an impression


Andreas Wijk got the crowd singing along to some great covers

But the one who really brought on a real show was AMWIN.


Talk about real Star Power! She deserves to be on the big stages in front of the big crowds…


But let’s move on to the Culture Festival. As we mentioned, the theme was Canada, so we start off with some Canadian acts…

The neo-circus group Machine De Cirque put up a fun show at the opening of the festival


There were plenty of skillful acrobatic feats in their show


And many moments with good laughs for the audience…


Machine de Cirque were quite simply crazy cool and fantastique!


More on the Canada theme – jazz singer Emilie-Claire Barlow had such a smooth and silky voice

Our most awaited Canadian act was A Tribe Called Red, who were joined by Maxida Märak. Here’s a pic from their conversation about music as a form of indigenous activism.


The evening after, they took to the stage. The multi-talented Sami activist Maxida Märak really got the crowd going with her set.


Maxida is using music in a powerful way to get her message across to people.


A Tribe Called Red brought along their dancable rhythms, a fusion of their native sounds and more electronic beats


The dancers showcased the indigenous culture and got the crowds dancing along


The highlight of the evening was a great collaboration, where A Tribe Called Red had given new and totally amazing beats to Maxida’s song Äter upp dig. Absolute coolness! (which they apparently put together the night before after finishing their panel discussion)


Another highlight on the main stage was Sabina Ddumba


The light show looked really fabulous and the songs were soulful pop perfection.


After Sabina’s stint on Så Mycket Bättre, the audience clearly knew and loved her music.


We also really appreciated the Japanese taiko drummers Yamato


They were back in Stockholm with a powerful performance that drew a huge crowd that really packed the Gustav Adolfs Torg.


The beats were contagious and got people clapping along… and the visuals were pretty amazing as well.

Last but definitely not least, some pictures from the Aquanauts show.


The Cirkus Cirkör spectacular was the biggest ever production for Stockholm Culture Festival


You really needed to have been there to appreciate the full scope of the performance in the Stockholm Stream in between the Royal Castle and the Opera House


The show was presented every evening of the festival and drew huge crowds at the waterside


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