25 Jul 2024
Good vibes only with Syster Sol
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Good vibes only with Syster Sol

Syster Sol at Gröna Lund in July 2024

Syster Sol brought sunshine and good vibes to Gröna Lund’s small stage with her reggae and dancehall sounds and her message of love.

Isabel Sandblom goes under the name of Syster Sol and has been a prominent name on the Swedish reggae scene since her solo debut in 2008. Her live shows are known to be dynamic experiences combining dance-friendly music, engaging interaction with the crowd and meaningful messages.

Syster Sol’s vibrant energy, sing-along friendly Swedish lyrics as well as call-and-response segments made sure the audience was left feeling good by the end of the show. As Syster Sol said, the world is filled with so many bad things right now, we all need some good vibes. And she hoped that every member of the audience would spread those positive feelings further to other people, who could spread them further, and further – making it a love revolution…

Here are some of our favorite pictures of the amazing Syster Sol.

All photos © Nina Uddin

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