12 Apr 2024
In Pictures: Rockbjörnen 2019
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In Pictures: Rockbjörnen 2019

Benjamin Ingrosso at Rockbjörnen with fans

The Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet has been arranging the Rockbjörnen award show for 40 years(!) now. The awards put an emphasis on best live acts, beside picking songs of the year as well as most devoted fans… The prizes are voted on by the fans tehmselves, so they are a good indicator of what really is popular with the younger crowd. The winners and nominees may be more pop than rock nowadays, but that’s just how the world has turned, right…

Here are our pictures from the Rockbjörnen 2019 award show, which took place in Kungsträdgården during the We Are STHLM festival.

LBSB Rockbjörnen 2019
LBSB, with their masked singers who go under the names of 01, 02 and 03, opened the show with high energy.


Vera Hotsauce Rockbjörnen 2019
Vera Hotsauce owned the stage in her performance. She really has that air of a popstar about her.


Hanna Ferm Liamoo Rockbjörnen 2019
Hanna Ferm and Liamoo were presenting the first award of the evening to the Live Group of the Year, which was Hov1


Hov1 Rockbjörnen 2019
Hov1 were the big winners of Rockbjörnen 2019, picking up a total of three statues


Victor Leksell Rockbjörnen 2019
Victor Leksell was probably the happiest winner of them all, picking up his honors as the Breakthrough Artist of the Year


Vera & Nelly Rockbjörnen 2019
Vera Hotsauce was also presenting an award, together with her podcast partner in crime Nelly Kronstrand.


William Segerdahl Mariette Rockbjörnen 2019
Shallow was the obvious winner of International Song of the Year. Mariette and William Segerdahl did a reprise of their celebrated version from last year’s Idol – and the whole crowd joined in…


Svea Rockbjörnen 2019
SVEA took the stage like the superstar she is on her way to becoming – and clearly loved every minute of it.


Janice Rockbjörnen 2019
Janice got the chance to dazzle while presenting the award for the best Female Live Artist of the Year.


Molly Sanden Rockbjörnen 2019
Molly Sandén was the deserving winner of that best Female Live Artist award. This was her first Rockbjörnen and it’s been coming to her for a while…


Benjamin Ingrosso Rockbjörnen 2019
Benjamin Ingrosso picked up the best Male Live Artist of the Year award for the second year in a row.


Anis Don Demina Rockbjörnen 2019
Anis Don Demina was entertaining the crowds with his catchy tunes.


Maxida Märak Rockbjörnen 2019
Maxida Märak got to present the Swedish Song of the Year, and the honor went to Avicii‘s SOS.


Imenella Rockbjörnen 2019
Dancing and rapping sensation Imenella presented the award to the best fans – yet another one that went to Hov1.


Benjamin Ingrosso Rockbjörnen 2019
Benjamin Ingrosso got on stage to prove his credentials as a live performer worthy of that award.


Felix Sandman Benjamin Ingrosso Rockbjörnen 2019
Benji was naturally joined on stage by his brother in arms Felix Sandman.


Felix Sandman Rockbjörnen 2019
Felix got to do a couple of his own songs too, beside the duets with Benjamin.


Felix Sandman Rockbjörnen 2019
The evening ended with plenty of pyro effects and confetti rain.


All photos © Nina Uddin

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