25 Jul 2024
In Pictures: Climate Strike with Greta Thunberg
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In Pictures: Climate Strike with Greta Thunberg

Just as Greta Thunberg has received a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, the movement she has inspired is gaining even more momentum. The Global Strike for Future was held in more than a 100 countries in almost 2000 cities on 15th March. In Stockholm, Greta led a march from Sergels Torg to Mynttorget, where she has been sitting in every Friday for her School Strike for Climate. Here are our pictures…

A group of boys who showed up early at Sergels Torg


Sergels Torg was quickly filled with people getting ready to march with Greta


Greta and hear squad of school strikers for climate


A silent minute for the victims of climate change


Maria of Smith & Thell turned up to do Forgive Me Friend, and aimed her apologies to our Mother Earth


Surprise guests First Aid Kit sang Silver Lining to the crowd


Climate marchers in front of the Royal Palace



One Earth, One Chance


Yes, the young ones care enough about politics to strike a selfie-pose with the Left Party leader


The Green Party was also represented… Was actually aiming my camera at that cool Greta/Pippi poster, but caught Mr. Fridolin.


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