24 Jul 2024
Best Vegan Restaurants in Stockholm
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Best Vegan Restaurants in Stockholm

For some it is a fashion, for others it is a gastronomic trend and for many others a pro-animal philosophy. Whatever your reason may be, here is our round-up of the best vegan restaurants in Stockholm.

Vegan: it is said of that type of food that eliminates any type of animal-based ingredients and derivatives (eggs, dairy and honey) out of respect for them. Can vegan food be known as delicious gastronomy? The answer is YES! And we have facts to prove it! Luckily for Stockholmers, every year there are many more places in the city where ou can go to have a real food-fest following the animal-loving philosophy, which is also a way of life. Therefore, to give you ideas and make it very easy for you, we have rounded up a list of ‘Best Vegan Restaurants in Stockholm’. You can forget about the prejudices that are sometimes connected to this type of food, as we help you discover very rich recipes, exquisite dishes and delicious flavours.


Mäster Samuelsgatan 18 (Inside Mood Gallery – level 3)

One of Stockholm’s brightest and greenest stars in the food sky is Chouchou, a restaurant that provides a culinary experience beyond the ordinary, paired with exceptional service, tempting savoury drinks and natural wines.

The restaurant’s chef Gustav Johansson, who is also behind Sweden’s largest vegan food site Jävligt Gott, is the guarantor of Chouchou’s well-curated food, made entirely from organic ingredients, locally produced when possible, and profiled with wonderful flavours from all corners of the earth.

Chouchou is not your conventional vegan restaurant from the Eden-like decoration to the creativity of their dishes – Their intention is to be a place without imposed labels, where you can come when you feel like it, whether you are looking for lunch, dinner or an after-work in their outdoor garden with colleagues or good friends. Several evenings a week they also stay open until late with DJs and vegan drinks, that’s what we call a social playground!

Chouchou offers a buffet daytime and evening and á la carte with a low environmental impact certified menu.

During our visit we started with two cocktails, the Ruby Red and the Cucumba, they were amazingly good! It was hard to stick to just one! For starters we went for the delicious steamed bao with tofu and a creamy artichoke soup. We tried the Stockfelds white truffle pizza, a white pizza with truffle cream on a Stockfelds creamy spread, fried mushrooms, dried parsley and black pepper. We also had their fantastic Steak Frites, Sweden’s first 3D engineered plant-based filet mignon from juicy marbles, with fries, and what a treat that was. We then went for their tiramisu and an espresso martini. Talk about a superior vegan experience!

Their menu gets renewed seasonally following the ingredients that are available at different times of the year and produced as close as possible to Stockholm, keeping true to their wholly sustainable approach and making also sure that the produce is ripe containing all the due vitamins and nutritious qualities.


Fjällgatan 23B, Södermalm

Hermans was one of Stockholm’s first vegan restaurants, born in the 90’s with a slogan that is so catchy and a statement in itself: ‘Give Peas A Chance’… With that line, they have you at hello!

They offer a very extensive and rich vegan buffet framed by one of the city’s best views. The restaurant is huddled up in the heights of Södermalm, and you have stunning views of Gamla Stan, Skeppsholmen and Djurgården from it’s windows or the outdoor seating. But the view is not all they’ve got to offer, their buffet includes something for every palate. There is a broad assortment of salads, stews, soups, pastas and lasagna, bread, sauces, dips and even tacos.

They also have a desert bar with raw and baked goodies. We were told that the baker is also an opera singer and if you happen to be around their kitchen when she’s in baking mode, you may hear her singing an aria.

We can also recommend trying their drinks, they have a tea bar with lots of different blends and they even brew their own kombucha. And take it from me, it’s delicious!

The staff at Hermans is multicultural, very kind and will gladly introduce you to the day’s specials, the restaurant’s classics and favourites.

Our favourite dishes during our visit were their potatoes with curry, their bread with turmeric, their lasagna, their salads, their creamy hummus and the Mexican corner with nachos, chilli and spicy add-ons.

My Vegina

Norrtullsgatan 21, Odenplan

Just hearing the name is a provocation for a visit, sassy and quirky. My Vegina is like a vegan tropical oasis in the heart of Odenplan, where kindness to humans and animals is at its core. It’s lush decoration is such a pleasant contrasts to the coldest Swedish days.

Irma stands for the delicious food of My Vegina, preparing everything from scratch.

My Vegina was born from the desire to prepare the food that, I as a vegan wanted to eat. There were not so many restaurants that offered variety that was both kind to animals and tasty. It was clear that there were not many vegans working in the kitchens of the restaurants offering vegan dishes, because the flavour was not appealing. So I wanted to change that, offering quality, healthy vegan dishes that do not sacrifice animals, nor flavour, says Irma.

We couldn’t agree more with Irma, her cooking is very healthy, considering a good balance in macro-nutrients. Their smoothies are a must! We had the Sun Solicitation packed with yellow maca, lucuma, mango ginger, turmeric and lime and it felt like sunshine in our bodies. We also tried the Le Rah Men, a ramen loaded with noodles, mushrooms, their home made bouillon and lots of good stuff; as well as the Stewie, very similar to Indian dahl, lentils in a delicious spiced stew. You only need one dish per person because the portions are very generous.

Their sandwiches, bowls and salads are also not to be missed.

My Vegina offers planet-loving food and lifestyle, where showing empathy towards not just animals, but the next in line to pick up the pieces of your impact on the world should be our biggest commitment.

Fern & Fika

Langholmsgatan 11

Fern and Fika serves fully vegan, wholesome, organic, white sugar free food that doesn’t only taste freaking good, but also makes you feel good & energised! They offer gluten-free options as well. Here you can find anything from breakfast, artisanal drinks, organic coffee, delicious cakes and lunch!

As the name suggests, they’re really good at serving ‘fika’, with a wide array of raw treats and baked deserts and something you should definitely try are their selection of flavoured non-coffee lattes, created with different ingredients and spices in a holistic way that helps your body function and heal better. We had their pink late, with beet root, maca powder a natural energiser and the yellow latte with turmeric which helps protect your inmune system.

But they also serve wellbeing-conscious breakfasts and brunch. During our visit we tried their breakfast combo, consisting of overnight oats with chia seeds and fruits, and a sandwich. We had the avocado sandwich, a green feast for the avocado lovers. We also spoiled ourselves with some delicious fluffy American-style pancakes with chocolate and hazel nuts, and the most amazing banana nicecream bowl with their crispy home made granola.

Something we love about their food is that wellness is also the focus approach in their preparation and all the ingredients are carefully selected to provide something that will either heal or protect your body. And because of that, their food doesn’t need to be packed with unnecessary fats or other ingredients to enhance their value or flavour. It is fresh and fills you just right, we even had room to enjoy one of their signature chocolate chip cookies to go! Perhaps one of Stockholms best chocolate cookies.

The restaurant has a laid-back vibe to it and the staff is very friendly, always happy to help you with recommendations from their tasty menu.


Odengatan 26 and Hornsgatan 61

Mahalo opened its doors in 2015 with a passion to cook, eat and offer plant-based food. Being able to be creative, work with good ingredients and discover new exciting flavours is something they keep close to their hearts. All their food is made with a lot of love for the environment, the animals and for their guests.


Lao Wai

Luntmakargatan 74

Lao Wai is a Chinese vegetarian restaurant with dishes inspired mainly by the Sichuanese and Taiwanese cuisines.

Their dishes contain neither eggs nor dairy products. They’re also very diligent in using fresh and authentic raw produce.

Veganska Ölbaren

Here the love for vegan food and vegan beers is equal. All dishes are made with vegan/plant-based options, even the frankfurters (bar sausages) are vegan. Did you know that in order to produce a crystal-clear beer in a short time, most producers use different clarifying agents? For example gelatin (from animal skins and bones), fish, egg and casein (from milk) extracts. No beer served at Veganska Ölbaren contains animal products or has it as part of the manufacturing process.


Stora Nygatan 11

Are you taking a stroll around Gamla Stan and would fancy some vegan tasty treats? Then swing by Hermitage! They offer an all-you-can-eat with plenty of options to indulge yourself. The vibe and staff are friendly and relaxed. Hermitage are constantly working to improve the planet we live on and work for the environment. Therefore, up to 80% of their dishes are organic.


Katarina Bangata 19

Chutney is already a vegetarian veteran on Katarina Bangata on Södermalm, established in 1987. The exotic decor has a relaxing, oriental style and the menu has influences from Persian and Asian cuisine. Here you can also find treats such as cakes, baked goods, and coffee.


Åsögatan 116

The café Delivore is located inside its sister shop Goodstore; a vegan and vegetarian grocery store with plant-based alternatives for everything you might need in your everyday life. Delivore offers everything for the perfect ‘fika’ or lunch such as freshly squeezed juice, croissants, pies, wraps, smoothies and sweet treats and baked goods.

Dr. Mat

Tegnérgatan 5

Dr. Mat’s passion is food and they want to show that it is possible to eat well and be healthy at the same time. They make it easy for you to make the right choice by cooking slowly from scratch and serving quickly in a box. The food is free of gluten, lactose and refined sugar, cooked below 100°C and always with a little of their own fermented vegetables for the sake of good taste and the good bacteria.


Hammarby Slussväg 2

Located under the Skanstull bridge that connects to Södermalm in Stockholm, Växthuset shares premises with northern Europe’s largest night club Trädgården / Under Bron. Using seasonal raw materials sourced from Sweden and the Nordic countries, they strive for a clear and close contact with the producers, to ensure the quality of the raw materials. Växthuset are a 100% plant-based restaurant, and they work with sustainable farms that can produce in a way that is kind to nature and us.

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