14 Jul 2024
Java Whiskers – Sweden’s First Cat Café
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Java Whiskers – Sweden’s First Cat Café

Java Whiskers cat café stockholm adoption katt

Cats – darlings of the internet and controllers of many happy cat-owners’ lives – have now a place for cat-worship, socialising and adoption here in Stockholm at Surbrunnsgatan 48. We’re talking about Java Whiskers Cat Café, which opened its doors on February 16th, 2019 and has since then worked as a cat influencer and a bridge between cat lovers and cats in Stockholm.

Here you can come along, chill out in one of their very comfy sofas, get yourself a cat-latte, have a snack and read a book as you pet a cat or two. You can also grab one of the cat-toys and play with one of their 9 cats and just have a relaxing time and then enjoy a sweet pastry watching the cats sleep. Java Whiskers is everything but conventional or predictable, as cats just stroll around and impose their will as they interact with the café’s visitors.

java whiskers sofa fire cat café stockholm sweden

java whiskers latte cat café stockholm sweden

All the cats at Java Whiskers Cat Café are up for adoption. They come in groups of 9 every 2 months. Some of them are adults, some are kittens. The whole pack meets up two weeks in advance, before being admitted into Java Whiskers, by the time they arrive there they’re already happy around each other and ready to meet their future owners.

But what is so great about a cat café? It has been proven that hanging out and specially petting a cat is therapeutic. In fact, people who suffer from depression who have visited Java Whiskers have mentioned feeling good and having their spirits uplifted after spending some time hanging out with the cats. It is also a place that opens up for conversations and socialising among the visitors, who often go their on their own, as they all share at least one thing in common, their love for cats. And it’s not difficult to understand why Java Whiskers has made their slogan: A moment with the cats, a time for the soul.

java whiskers sweden cat café Stockholm

java whiskers sweden cat café Stockholm cat looking window


To visit Java Whiskers you’re recommended to book in advance on their website here. The visit costs 149SEK per hour but if you happen to be in the area of Surbrunnsgatan 48, you may as well just drop by. Drop-in visits cost 159SEK, although you’re admitted upon availability, as the café only allows a maximum of 14 people in the cat areas per hour. Booking in advance will secure your place to enter. They also have special prices for students and senior citizens of 79SEK during week days. Also important to know is that the minimum age limit to enter is 10 years old.

The process for adoption can be a little bit long, but Java Whiskers is very committed to making sure only loving and responsible people will get to take their cats home. The process starts with booking a time to meet the desired cat, then after a few emails to make sure the candidate fulfills the first set of requirements, an interview with Java Whiskers will take place and then comes a second interview with their cat home in Vallentuna. The cost of adopting one of Java Whiskers’ cats is 2000SEK, but this also covers for their ID chip, vaccines, teeth treatment and castration. And regardless if the chosen cat is a tabby or a maine coon, this price is exactly the same for each and every cat.

Java Whiskers have many plans in the pipeline to interact with the cat lover community in Stockholm. One of the plans already ongoing is the cat yoga, with sessions every Monday. The cat yoga is so popular that they are fully booked up to 3 months ahead. The cost per session is 299SEK and it’s only available for 10 lucky yogis. Check their website to book your spot and to be informed of all the other seasonal activities and events. You can also organise your own event at Java Whiskers, such as company meetings and other small gatherings.

In the near future, Java Whiskers will be opening a branch in London and they also have an eye on Oslo and if all goes well, a few more in Sweden, perhaps in Gothenburg.

java whiskers sweden cat café Stockholm

java whiskers sweden cat café Stockholm cat nest

java whiskers cat café sweden stockholm

java whiskers cat café sweden stockholm

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