28 May 2024
Importing your pets to Sweden
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Importing your pets to Sweden

Bringing pets into Sweden can be tricky, but it’s one of the most important issues facing many pet owners who relocate here. The stress begins long before you’ve even coerced your four legged friends into their transporters. This article will offer a brief description of what is required in order to bring your cat or dog, safely and legally, into Sweden. It will also provide links to Swedish sites that will offer you more in depth information.

Here’s the most important tip: Start the planning process well in advance! Give yourself at least 4 months to prepare the paperwork for your pet.

The rules and regulations for bringing a foreign pet into Sweden will differ depending on whether you are relocating from within the European Union or coming to Sweden from outside the EU. For example, Sweden does not require an import permit to bring dogs or cats from EU Member States. However, anyone coming in from outside of the EU is definitely required to obtain a permit.

Here’s a basic outline of what is required:

  • Microchip implant (Make sure it is an ISO-standard chip)
  • Rabies vaccination and a follow-up blood test of rabies antibodies. This must be done 21 days prior to your pet’s arrival in Sweden! (Direct air transports from the UK, Ireland and Malta are excluded from this requirement)
  • A pet passport
  • Customs declaration

For more in-depth info on regulations and requirements visit The Swedish Board of Agriculture, Jordbruksverket.

It is extremely important to follow the outline given by the Swedish Board of Agriculture; otherwise you risk a big hassle with customs. If you arrive and the authorities discover that your pet does not meet the standards you may be required to place your pet in quarantine for several months, at your own expense. One thing is for sure, don’t try and put this off.

It will require several visits to the vet for shots, follow-up blood tests, and chip implants. Once your vet has properly noted all the treatments and vaccinations in the pet passport, the move can begin. I suggest that you consider your pet’s passport as valuable as your own. Also, make sure you check with your airline about their requirements to travel with your pet.

Upon arriving in Sweden, you are required to register your pet. I recommend you bring your pet to a local vet as soon as possible and they will be able to provide you with any info you need to make your pets transition into Sweden complete.

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It’s definitely a tricky, and at times, costly experience, but for those of you who feel life without your four legged friends, just wouldn’t be the same, then its a small price to pay to make sure your trusty companions become a part of your life in Sweden.

Article vy Kristan Coleman; Research by Carmel Heiland

Photo Credit: epSos.de


  • J Norell 22 Oct 2012

    I think this is out of date, Sweden has now adopted the European PETS Passport rules for dogs, cats, and certain other small animals.

  • Farrah Gillani 23 Oct 2012

    Hi there! Thanks for pointing this out. We’re going to relaunch the site in January and every post will be be totally up to date by then. This will be top of the list!

    • parisa 11 Mar 2013

      Hi Dear Farrah Gillani

      I am living in Malaysia and I have a 2years old toy poodle that I bough her here since she was 1 month. I am from Iran and Im going to Iran in a few days,then Ill move to Sweden in about 1or2 months. My dog has had her vaccination regularly and she has an ISO microchip. Also she has an international passport and has got her rabbis vaccination 2 months ago. Could you please give me some information about the process of taking my dog to Sweden,coz as it is written in agriculture website,it seems impossible to take a dog from Malaysia or Iran to Sweden.Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Your Sincerely,


  • patrick jore 14 Jul 2014

    I’m afraid to go to live in sweden for my dogs one is blue nose pitbull mix,one jack russel doxen beagle.are they breeds that can come to sweden with us to live in my deceased uncles home in Gustafsberg?

  • Cindy Clark 25 Dec 2016

    Hi, I am thinking of moving to Kalmar, Sweden in the near future but I have about 8 birds, not too large but I wanted to find out the rules for transporting them from the US. Can you give me all the details of what I need to do?

    Best, Cindy

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