29 May 2024
What to do in an emergency
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What to do in an emergency

Naturally, living in a new country comes with its fair share of difficulties, and it’s easy to miss certain small but vital details. Many expats live for months, sometimes even years, without knowing some of the most basic information about their new environment; even if that information could potentially save their life.

Do you know how to contact the local police in an emergency? How about poison control? While the thought of a medical emergency is unpleasant, being prepared is the best way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

This article will provide you with basic but life-saving information for emergency situations in Stockholm.

Emergency Telephone Numbers for Stockholm, Sweden

  • Swedish Police, Fire, Ambulance:  112
  • Poison control:  331 231 (after 17:00 call 112)
  • Hospital directory:  171 000
  • Rescue and fire service:  540 4600
  • Electrical and telephone breakdown:  222 0700
  • Security:  222 0700
  • Industrial Health Service:  222 3280
  • Switchboard – 222 0000

It’s recommended that you keep these emergency numbers handy. You can find these numbers inside the cover page of your local telephone directory. They are also available in all train and bus stations, major commercial establishments, hotels and restaurants.

112 is the public emergency number throughout Europe. Dispatchers are responding to calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and calls are free of charge. All operators receiving calls in Sweden will speak Swedish and English, however finding translators for other languages at a moments notice can be difficult.

For non-emergency calls you can dial the switchboard and speak to an operator who can direct your call.


  • venkat palavarapu 17 Dec 2012

    Lives saving information to the new people.

  • […] It’s not anything we hope you’ll ever need access to, but it’s worth knowing where the local hospitals and emergency clinics are in relation to you, as well as what to do in an emergency. […]

  • […] not common)  It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the list of emergency clinics and what numbers to call in an emergency; hopefully you will never need them. Whilst at the hospital, ensure you get all the documentation […]

  • […] not common)  It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the list of emergency clinics and what numbers to call in an emergency; hopefully you will never need them. Whilst at the hospital, ensure you get all the documentation […]

  • Zarish Neno 24 Aug 2015

    This is Zarish Neno. I am living in Rome and I want to move to Sweden. I want to know if there is someone or some sort of centre that can help me with this move? Please if you can kindly provide me with some information on it. I would be thankful to you.

  • Ero Ega 30 Aug 2015

    With all my respect to my spécial friends for United collaboration Thank for hag me and I wish to make This for better understanding ,emergency Is regarding my new home in Sweden ,after une life of extrême tergiversate hard & exsosted i must Be careful how to manage to Save my life and Touch my ambition in future innovation Law research and art of civilisation not only for Sweden position Is for the réputation and exemple in front of all the world make sensé and difference,but because we “careful nothing not l’ost all Is in continue transformation “the nature perfect surprises Will bring the Sweden to capacity and efficience Maxim created bordées on excellence of intelectual management all This substance of money value Is the sucess of ours union in contribution using intelligence création diversified in steps the advantages of systematic processes in all over economie ,industry,business research ,inovation and the force of all keep the Sweden secure how we created the law in ours country benefit ,funds,buget,and ours peoples income respected represent performance of life quality beside science and skilling,study and new experience the mining of research in law prove ours capacity and security eliminated troubles consider to be national and international protecting ours rights ,fears &freedoms strict separate of others country beside same special conditions regarding international partnership relations taxes and responsibility are mark here is Sweden .My good intention for Sweden make me to forget of my personal strict emergency because I love to fixt all and till now I has been leading from peoples gelousy ,is never to late and because peoples bring me in extremely hard situation I need help from the Departament of Justice and Sweden Bank understanding for to work study and home so for moment I has come in Sweden from Friday but I has travel from westday and has for me one very diffical uncomfortable till i arrive here because extremely in emergency is my situation I can t live in hotel so I must have my home and is for me here a lot to study places I has not bussy to see all places to know every think so for moment I Need to ask to Bank if I can have my personal money for study and home &living then I must ask soon possible for my job and rest easy will do rest .To be Honest I has apply for Australia from 1999 but if there are business and contracted must be honored I can t go over my word but the reason all this years country has fights betwin for me and never not arrive to comin agreement is just now happens like me to decide if from so many years has never ready to decide with me I lost my time life in extremely damage and I can t wait for ever special because my age so this year is the limit under the law for my opportunity to be to my duty to my home to bring to life my projects and to contribui eficient to wellbeing and to Sweden Prosperity with new ideas new innovation new creation new research and I hope to be pride of me but with respect Ai ask patience and understanding with me because what I not do in one life I need to solve all just like tho is not simple .Please I need very much tho support because I need home to rest still I am in airport because Friday Saturday and Sunday I must wait like Swedish Authority to help me to have what is normal to have first because I need protection till my situation will be much more sure,regarding my identity to keep confidential ,because my name has many years not secure and not protect is happens so many troubles from envy persons who wanted with force to manipulate me use abuse of power to handle all has belong to me .I am please the Sweden Bank to protected me regarding all financial and my communication are extremely important to make sure are protected and I will try to contact tomorrow the Bank for my special needs ,I can t live in Airport on the chair all week I become sick of tired I need to rest but first to solve the emergency needs ,I appreciate and thank very much (I need to create new account email only for bank so I like to consult about my problem soon possible)my Swedish number phone is 46/07203486976 the email has been handle of same one like to know my decisions with force so I can t use any more till situation become clear! Thank very much !special I not have here all my family to can help me that s why I move to Sweden to have my quiet study and to see better only of my job and research !

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