14 Jul 2024
Swedish classes in Stockholm
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Swedish classes in Stockholm

As our article, Free Swedish Language Classes: Part 1 – SFI, states Sweden has free language courses for residents. SFI has a long history dating back to the 60s and has been a huge success story for this country. However, SFI is not necessarily the right choice for everyone. One of SFI’s greatest perks is that it is flexible. For some this flexibility is the essential requirement that they need to succeed at Swedish. They have the freedom to live in the way that works best for them and, if they have one, their family. However, for others, this flexible style of learning is not right for them. If I had a kronor for each time a person gave me reasons why SFI was not right for them…

No doubt you are wondering, who are these non-flexible people? Am I one of these people who don’t like a flexible style of learning? This is a question I can not answer. I will however share a bit of wisdom a friend gave me. That said if you are the kind of person who just wants to get on with it, follow a set and rigorous schedule and don’t mind paying for it, then maybe SFI is not right for you.

Whatever the case, don’t worry because there are many private Swedish courses available. Whatever you choose, we at Your Living City, wish you the best of luck with your Swedish journey.

Schools that Provide Swedish Language Courses:



+46 (8) 789 41 00



+46 (8) 457 57 00

Stockholm University


+46 (8) 16 20 00



+46 (8) 555 352 00

If you are in Stockholm primarily for business or work, check out these language platforms:

Accept Cross Culture AB


+46 (8) 566 10 700

All- International  Language School


+46 (8) 753 66 00



+46 (8) 412 13 00

GMS Language Services


+46 (8) 798 71 65

Interverbum / AAC Global


+46 (8) 457 88 00

Richard Lewis Communications


+46 (8) 753 22 22

Other Resources

www.si.se – Swedish Language Studies & Information

www.studyinsweden.se – Swedish Language Studies

www.linguanet-europa.org – Online Learning


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  • Kristen 16 Jan 2019

    Thank you for the list of Swedish classes. Still relevant January 2019. FYI for others, Folkuniversitet and Medborgarskolan are located in Vasastan area of Stockholm and offer beginning Swedish in group classes.

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