20 Apr 2024
Scholar Kids and Books: A Great Resource for Parents and Teachers
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Scholar Kids and Books: A Great Resource for Parents and Teachers

Our contributors on Your Living City are a wonderful well-informed set of people, who are passionate about what they do. A prime example of this is Sarit Grinberg. She is the founder of the fantastic children’s education website Scholar Kids, designed for anyone interested in children’s learning.

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Sarit combines practical experience as an English teacher with writing her thesis on education at Stockholm University, as well as running the site and its on-line bookshop. A busy, talented lady indeed and we’re very lucky to have her expertise at Your Living City. But now she’s offering even more: the chance to win 3 x 100 SEK gift certificates to spend in her children’s book store!

The Scholar Kids Bookshop offers a range from storybooks to language and maths books; there are even books for teachers. They guarantee personal service, fast delivery and low prices; moreover if there is something that you would like but cannot find it in the shop, let Sarit know and she will do her best to get it for you.

For the chance to win a 100 SEK voucher to spend in this wonderful store,  all you need to do is:

Like the site on Facebook (which gets you 10% off to start with anyway!) and answer the following questions:

And that’s it! Good luck to everybody – we will do a prize draw on the 5th December. An early Christmas present for 3 lucky readers!

If you have any questions about education, whether for children or adults, Sarit will be more than happy to help. Just add your query in the ‘comments’ area below and she’ll get back to you

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