22 Jun 2024
YLC’s Top Picks: Swedish Rom-Coms
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YLC’s Top Picks: Swedish Rom-Coms

When you think of Swedish film, chances are you think of Lisbeth Salander, young vampires and chess games with death. Well, believe it or not, Swedes can be romantic and cheesy too. Check our fab five list of Swedish romantic comedies.


En gång i Phuket (Once Upon a Time in Phuket)

Swedes love going to Thailand. And what happens in Thailand…becomes a hit rom-com. A hard-working single man has a mid-life crisis of sorts and decides to go to Phuket and write a novel. There he meets the beautiful, spotnaneous Anja, who tries to teach him how to really live. Of course, things aren’t that simple – and they must overcome a comedy of errors to reach their happy ending. This one should be a classic!

Små Citroner Gula (Love and Lemons)

Girl likes to make food. Girl tries to open restaurant. Girl deceives sweet food-critic neighbour. Girl falls in love with sweet food-critic neighbour, who finds out about deceit. You get the idea. Love and Lemons is one of those cliche romantic comedies we all love so much. It’s essentially the Swedish version of Simply Irresistable, only without magic lobsters.


Linas kvällsbok (Bitter Sweetheart)

Lina is 15, virgin, and boring. Something has got to change, she decides. Bittersweet Sweetheart is a typical, awkward but heart-warming coming-of-age flick about a girl’s search for life and love. Funny, fresh, and fun.


Kärlek deluxe

Love Deluxe is sort of Sweden’s answer to Sex and the City – a dysfunctional love story for the career woman. Selma, a chicklit author who gets dumped in a taxi at the same time as critiques shred her latest book, decides to get her life together – and of course meets two very different, very strange men, and proceeds to date them both. Eye candy and humor abound!



This one is particularly fun for Stockholmers, who will recognize the places – and the stereotypes. Shallow Stureplan hottie Sebastian slips on ice, hits his head, and goes blind. Södermalm-based happy-go-lucky Mia starts working with him as his personal assistant, showing him a new side of life. Of course, things got complicated when Sebastian regains his sight…and his ways. But no worries, this is a rom-com, so there’s a happy ending!



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