22 May 2024
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Swedish Valentine’s Vocabulary: Petnames

It IS Valentine’s Day “Alla Hjärtans Dag”. And you’re in Sweden. So what are the Swedish equivalents of honey, doodley-bear, and schmuck-ums? YLC has your ultimate guide to sweet-talk, Swedish style. Älskling From “älska”, to love. Equivalent to darling, honey. One of the most common terms of endearment in Swedish. But if you haven’t made […]

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YLC’s Top Picks: Swedish Rom-Coms

When you think of Swedish film, chances are you think of Lisbeth Salander, young vampires and chess games with death. Well, believe it or not, Swedes can be romantic and cheesy too. Check our fab five list of Swedish romantic comedies.

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Style in the City: Swedish fashion shows its dark side

Did you get a shock at Halloween? Did that Morticia-style dark plum lipstick actually look rather, well, gorgeous? As the nights draw in, there’s no better time to delve into the darkness and embrace your inner goth. YLC’s Victoria Hussey reveals all. There’s darkness afoot in Swedish fashion circles. With a strong heavy metal underground […]

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