15 Apr 2024
Ricky Whittle at Comic Con Stockholm
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Ricky Whittle at Comic Con Stockholm

When Stockholm Comic Con was in town, they of course brought along some actors to pose for photos, sign autographs and most importantly, answer questions from fans in Q&A sessions. Here we bring you a bit of the rather easy-on-the-eyes Ricky Whittle and his Q&A, in which he flatters the Swedes, has a go at a bit of Swedish language and tells about what type of movies he himself nerds over.


Ricky Whittle is a British actor, currently mostly working in the US. He was at the Comic Con mostly repping the TV series The 100, but the Britons may remember him from the soap Hollyoaks.

Ricky is currently filming the upcoming TV series American Gods, in which he has the lead role. The series will premiere in 2017.




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