14 Jul 2024
Top 10 Nightclubs in Stockholm
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Top 10 Nightclubs in Stockholm

Solidaritet Stockholm's best nightclubs party

A very well known fact about Swedes is that they do like a good party and when we say a good party, we don’t just mean a typical gather the friends and pay a visit to a hang-out in town. We mean a big fat EPIC party! Swedes wait all month long until payday weekend (which is normally around the 25th of each month) to go their favourite nightclub. They will spend their hard-earned money and seriously party hard until the wee hours, dancing non-stop and saying “skål” (cheers) to friends and strangers. When partying in Stockholm, it is very important to know where to go, where the good crowds hang out, where it’s safe, where the music is good and the bouncers are nice. That’s why we have put together a list with the top 10 nightclubs that we and our best party friends have experienced ourselves and have had a hell of a good night at. So get ready, slip into your best party outfit and those dancing shoes and let us take you out for a spin.

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​The Berns Hotel nightclub is a popular venue among serious Stockholm music fans, who enjoy listening to live music and an international array of DJs in an intimate and acoustically rich setting. Enjoy a drink after work at their Cocktailbaren and then continue the party on the state-of-the-art dance floor with a live concert or DJ in the Stora Salongen. Don’t forget to visit their summer terrace Terrassen. Terrassen has a wide range of music and a lovely view over Berzelii Park and Nybroviken. Terrassen offers colorful cocktails and summer-discohouse!

Berns has also several areas where you can dance to different musical styles and in totally different atmospheres, besides Stora Salongen – The Great Hall – which hosts both intimate concerts and a nightclub; and Terrassen, where you can dance all year round; there are also 2 seasonal clubs, opened roughly between September-May: NEU is a club focusing on electronic music, dance, powerful sound and laser; and LE! is Berns’ clubbing concept on two floors.

Where: Berzelii Park

Opening hours: Friday – Saturday 10pm – 3am

Dress code: Smart casual, cocktail.

Cover charge: Yes

Damage: Definitely not a budget club.


“Slakthuset” is a unique nightclub hosted in an old slaughterhouse in the meatpacking district just south of central Stockholm. Here you will fill find Stockholm’s finest dancing and clubbing to internationally established SuperDJs, and up-and-coming local acts.

Slakthuset also features a 600 m2 outdoor rooftop open in the summer, called “TAK” – Rooftop. We love the views from this terrace and that’s why we also have listed it in our  Clubbing al Fresco in Stockholm guide.

Electronic dance music is always a part of a Slakthuset party and one of their best features is that there are three music rooms – “Anläggning 296”“Rökeriet” and “Lilla Baren”. All of these are rocking different music styles and different party vibes, so you can be sure that you’ll find music to fit your mood every night.

Where: Slakthusgatan 6

Opening hours: Thursdays 5pm-3am. Friday – Saturday 3pm – 3am.

Dress code: Relaxed, creative.

Cover charge: Applies only certain nights of the week and for late entrance.

Damage: Average to budget prices.

Trädgården / Under Bron

This is one of the coolest and hippest nightclubs in Stockholm. During the summer it runs as an alfresco club under the name of Trädgården, but when the nights become longer and cooler the party moves indoors to Under Bron (Under the Bridge), paying tribute to its cool location under the Skanstull bridge. Everything from the setting to its decoration is original and the vibe is pretty laid back.

Music is broad and it may have an electronic focus, but don’t be surprised if you also happen to hear hip-hop and see live gigs here as well.

Hang out on the swings, dance under its oversized disco ball. If you come early enough, you can even grab a bite at their restaurant. There’s plenty of fun for everyone.

Where: Hammarby Slussväg 2

Opening hours: Trädgården: Wednesday – Friday 5pm – 3am. Saturday 2pm – 3am. Under Bron: Fridays 5pm – 5am. Saturday 10pm – 5am.

Dress code: Relaxed, creative.

Cover charge: Applies only certain nights of the week and for late entrance.

Damage: Average to budget prices.

Café Opera

Housed under the same roof as the Royal Swedish Opera and part of the Operakällaren (the Opera Cellar), Café Opera serves as a bistro, brasserie and tearoom during the day, but becomes one of Sweden’s most famous and busiest nightclubs after 10pm.

Here you will find yourself surrounded by original luxurious and elegant interiors, mixed with modern facilities in a way that you can’t avoid feeling sophisticated. And with all due reason as not only Swedish royalty but also many famous artists have rubbed shoulders over the years at Café Opera. The nightclub is set in a unique cultural heritage from 1895 with magnificent ceiling paintings and after many years in the nightclub scene, Café Opera has a wide audience of local, international and often fashion-conscious guests.

Café Opera hosts a smaller venue inside, called END, for the die-hard party lovers who want to extend the night until 5am.

Music here will vary from latin to pop, electronic and everything in between.

Where: Karl XII:s Torg

Opening hours: Wednesday – Saturday 10pm – 3am. End: 12am – 5am.

Dress code: Smart casual, cocktail.

Cover charge: Applies only certain nights of the week and for late entrance.

Damage: Definitely not a budget club.

Golden Hits

Put on your dancing shoes & load up for an intense evening filled with the music you will otherwise most likely only dance to at home in your own living room. Golden Hits has three different dance floors and five bars. Barhänget and A la carte start at 7pm every day, but the nightclub starts at 9pm.

At Golden Hits, age, preferences and musical tastes are not a problem, there’s something for everyone. They offer shows, which of course you have to book in advance, a karaoke room and the music goes from classic rock and pop, to one-hit-wonders to the latest chart hits.

This is a club without comparison in Stockholm where people really show their merriest sides singing and dancing like there is no tomorrow.

Where: Kungsgatan 29

Opening hours: Thursday – Saturday 5:30pm – 3am.

Dress code: Casual.

Cover charge: Yes.

Damage: Definitely not a budget club.

Club Backdoor

With their slogan “The Best and Gayest Club North of Ibiza”, Club Backdoor needs no further introduction. It has made it to our list due to its authenticity, the fact that everyone here can come as they are and the freedom one experiences here as you will not find it anywhere else in Stockholm.

There is one big dance floor with a stage that on regular occasions showcases well known and up-and-coming acts and Djs, theme night performances and more. There is also a second smaller room where you can experience different music and vibes. On Fridays you can enjoy hit-music, hiphop and 90s tunes. Saturdays are for the dark-house and techno lovers.

Club Backdoor is part of the Tolv complex, very close to the Tele2 Arena and Globen, Tolv houses a bunch of good fun and entertainment such as bars, bowling, karaoke and more party places.

Where: Arenavägen 75

Opening hours: Friday – Saturday 11pm – 5am.

Dress code: Relaxed, creative.

Cover charge: Normally free before 11:30pm, after that different cover charges apply depending on the hour and the night.

Damage: Definitely not a budget club.


Hornhuset is a whole with 3 floors and each floor has a purpose. On the bottom floor you will find their ceviche restaurant called Barranco, open every day of the week until late. On the second floor at Laika nightclub is where anything can happen. You can lay down comfortably on their popular double bed, or dance around the DJ booth, have something to eat or order a sour cocktail. The intention is that nothing here feels strange at all.

On top of Laika club you’ll find Enzo’s, where you can eat Italian, watch football and hang out. The perfect Sunday hang with family or the place for a corporate activity. Reservations here are advised. And last but not least, on the rooftop you will find Barrio, opened during spring and summer… A place where you can enjoy the view and a snack with a drink while soaking up the sun.

We like the versatility and the laid back atmosphere of this entire four floor house filled with hang-outs.

Where: Långholmsgatan 15B

Opening hours: Barranco: Monday – Thursday 11am – 11pm, Friday 11am-3am, Saturday 12pm-3am, Sunday 12pm-6pm. Laika: Tursday – Thursday 5pm-1am, Friday 4pm-1am, Saturday 5pm-1am. Enzo’s: Tuesday – Thursday 5pm-11pm, Friday 4pm-1am, Saturday 12pm-1am, Sunday 12pm-11pm.

Dress code: Relaxed, creative.

Cover charge: No.

Damage: Average to budget prices.


Obaren is adjacent to the seafood restaurant and bar, Sturehof, which is a pit stop for grabbing a tasty bite and a cocktail or a glass of bubbles, before heading to this zestful nightclub, where you will be surely welcomed by pulsing music and perky party-goers.

Obaren is definitely one of a kind in the middle of Stureplan, as depending on the night you can expect everything from rock, soul and electronic music. Obaren is also known for live music showcases played by international artists and release parties of the local music acts.  Beside music, Obaren also houses art exhibitions, so check their calendar and plan your visit.

Where: Stureplan 2

Opening hours: Monday -Sunday 8pm-2am.

Dress code: Casual, creative.

Cover charge: No.

Damage: Average to budget prices.


Electronic dance music is what characterises Solidarity. Some of the country’s and the world’s best DJs regularly play at the nightclub. Solidarity has therefore become a gathering place for those who are looking for an open-minded and unconventional party experience right into the early morning hours.

Sweden’s most modern architects, Claesson, Koivisto & Rune have designed the interior on the two floors as well as the year-round open patio. It has resulted in a nightclub of international standards, where the color range goes in sinful red and decadent black. Overall, Solidarity offers a total experience that is unique to Stockholm’s nightlife.

Where: Lästmakargatan 3

Opening hours: Wednesday 11pm – 5am. Thursday 1am-5am. Friday – Saturday 11pm-5am.

Dress code: Casual, cocktail.

Cover charge: Normally free before 12am, then different cover charges apply depending on the hour and the night.

Damage: Definitely not a budget club.

Solidaritet Stockholm's best nightclubs party
Solidaritet – Photo by Karen Lundquist


Anyone who likes to party has at least once set foot in East, one of Stockholm’s favourite night clubs, which is also an Asian fusion restaurant. What we like about East is the heterogeneity of its crowd and the variety of its music, ranging from 90’s RnB & Hip Hop to some of 70’s Soul, and now in recent years they have also been mixing in some “garage house” and the best of techno from Detroit to Berlin.

And even if the main nightclub area is not too big, it does have two bars and an outdoor terrace, so you can be sure you will find a spot to hang out here.

Where: Stureplan 13

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 11:30am-3am. Saturday 12pm-3am. Sunday 5pm-3am.

Dress code: Casual, cocktail.

Cover charge: No.

Damage: Average.


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