29 May 2024
YLC’s New Music Picks
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YLC’s New Music Picks

A music fan’s luxury problem nowadays is that there are so many new songs coming out every week and especially on New Music Fridays, that you may find it difficult to keep up. So once again it’s time for us to bring you some of the best new Swedish music releases. We have cherry-picked some of our favorites you simply should not miss.

Tove Styrke: Say My Name

One of Sweden’s finest pop artists Tove Styrke is back with a single she released two weeks ago, and the song really has been growing on us the more we listen. Now that it also has an amazing pastel-tinged video, we can’t get enough of it. This is the best thing around right now!

Maxida Märak: Dansa hur jag vill

The übercoolest and unbelievably multi-talented Maxida Märak has just released her second EP, titled 5. Along with it, we are all treated to her first ever music video for the song Dansa hur jag vill.

Otherwise our biggest favorite track off the brand-new EP is Eller hur – so be sure to check it out as well.

Linda Sundblad: Bridges

It’s been a while since we heard new music from the lovely Linda Sundblad, and it’s been years since she released anything in English. So we are more than happy that she’s put out this inspiringly anthemic and gospel-tinged tune Bridges.

Smith & Thell: Soulprints

To round off we have an amazing  debut album you should absolutely give a listen to. The Swedish folk-pop duo Smith & Thell (pictured above) have put out their finely crafted melodies and organic sound in the long format and we are just waiting for them to have the big breakthrough they so richly deserve. The album includes some of our earlier favorites like Statue and ROW, and a variety of new tunes like the uplifting folk-pop gem Hey Hey Oh Bae. Have a listen below.

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