16 Jul 2024
Get ready for Melodifestivalen Heat 2!
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Get ready for Melodifestivalen Heat 2!

Now that Wiktoria and Mohombi are through to the final, we turn our eyes on heat 2, where Hanna and Liamoo are bringing the heat and Margaret’s got the beat…

The first heat of Melodifestivalen 2019 showed us we have an excellent team of hosts this year. Just check out their amazing mash-up of Israel’s winning entries, if you missed it. The first spots in the final went to Wiktoria and Mohombi, while Anna Bergendahl and Nano snapped up the Andra Chansen places. Here’s hoping Anna makes it through, as she had by far the strongest song in the first week.

The second heat in Malmö brings another very mixed bag of entries, including some very strong contenders – including the pair we would like to take this whole thing home: Hanna Ferm and Liamoo.

1) Andreas Johnson – Army of Us

Andreas Johnson is entering Melodifestivalen for the 7th(!) time, which basically puts him on the same level with real Mello legends like Sanna Nielsen, Jessica Andersson or Nanne Grönwall. And well, some people will still remember him from his international hit Glorious from 20 years back. This time he brings Coldplay vibes with a band on stage. He will certainly find his audience, but will not be a top contender.


2) Malou Prytz – I Do Me

Second up we have one of this year’s many very young contestants at her 15 years of age. Malou has won several talent competitions and caught the attention of the right people with her YouTube covers. She has a strong voice and brings a contemporary pop song, that’s right on time. None other than Ace Wilder has been involved with the staging, which seems to take its cues from 90s cult classic Clueless. One of the songwriters is Isa Tengblad, who has gone on to make some excellent pop on her own after her Melodifestivalen stints. You do You, Malou!


3) Oscar Enestad – I Love It

One third of the boyband FO&O, who made a run in Melodifestivalen 2017. His bandmate Felix Sandman took a well-deserved second place last year with his great song of heartbreak. The third member, Omar Rudberg, is also in the running this year and will be seen in heat 3. Oscar’s song takes a spin on his tabloid gossip worthy relationship with his much older girlfriend and how he had to stand up for his love, when his parents did not really approve. Right in the vein of what Sweden has been sending to Eurovision in recent years.


4) Jan Malmsjö – Leva livet

The 86-year-old Mr. Malmsjö is actually making a comeback to the Mello stage after 50(!) years. His first time in 1969 rendered a second place with Hej Clown! He is also an entertainer and actor with a long list of roles, among others at Dramaten, the Royal Dramatic Theater. The song is about living life and dancing on the tables, and obviously, when someone his age gives that advice, you listen.


5) Vlad Reiser – Nakna i regnet

The YouTuber who also sings… Vlad Reiser has something like 418K followers on YouTube as of this writing, which will certainly help him in getting the youth vote. He likes the camera and the camera likes him. The song hits the Samir & Victor bracket, and the choreographed dance number has ambitions in the vein of David Lindgren or Anton Ewald. Remains to be heard if his voice works live, but I hear it’s rather heavy on the autotune.


6) Hanna Ferm & Liamoo – Hold You

To be honest, this was our favorite to win the whole thing already before anybody had heard any of the songs. These two have just so much chemistry it goes straight through the lense… Not to mention how ridiculously good they look together. And obviously they have the musical power to back up that promise too. Liamoo, the 2016 Idol winner showed already at last year’s Mello, that he is one to be reckoned with. And Hanna Ferm made a big splash on the 2017 Idol finishing in second place, and most relevantly doing a crazy good duet with Liamoo. These are our Zain and Sia, send them to Tel Aviv already!


7) Margaret – Tempo

Polish pop princess Margaret is up for her second Melodifestivalen entry after taking a spot in the final last year with In My Cabana. This year she turns up the tempo even more and brings a great party tune to finish off the second heat. The songwriter team includes Anderz Wrethov, who also wrote on last year’s total Eurovision banger Fuego. Just wish Margaret can bring some heat or at least warmth to her performance, that is the only thing she is lacking a bit when all the other pieces of the puzzle are perfectly in place.



All photos: Nina Uddin


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