18 Jul 2024
Eurovision Song Contest
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Is my Eurovision broken?

As the Eurovision Song Contest has given me so much joy and entertainment over the years, it makes me sad to see the mess we are in ahead of the ESC Grand Finale of 2024. The whole Eurovision season has given me so many mixed emotions, and it’s all culminating tonight. Being a Finn living […]

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Eurovision stars at the Stockholm pre-party

Eurovision stars have been doing the pre-party circuit ahead of the main event in Malmö in May. A total of 14 of this year’s ESC participants came to the Nordic Eurovision Part in Stockholm at Berns, joined by a few other fan favorites from previous years. Here are our favorite pictures from when the artists […]

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Who will win at Eurovision 2021?

YLC’s Eurovision expert Rafi Uddin has been a real superfan of the Eurovision Song Contest for nearly 15 years. He’s got a great track record in predicting the outcome, getting almost every winner right since 2012. The exceptions were 2013 when his winner pick got third place, and 2018 where his winner pick got second […]

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Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Predictions

YLC’s Eurovision expert Rafi Uddin has been following Eurovision closely for over a decade and has a great track record in predicting the winner of the contest. In the last five years, he has in fact picked the winning entry correctly four times. This time he has done some deep research in order to assess […]

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Get ready for Melodifestivalen Heat 2!

Now that Wiktoria and Mohombi are through to the final, we turn our eyes on heat 2, where Hanna and Liamoo are bringing the heat and Margaret’s got the beat… The first heat of Melodifestivalen 2019 showed us we have an excellent team of hosts this year. Just check out their amazing mash-up of Israel’s […]

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It’s Melodifestivalen time! Your guide to Heat 1

Melodifestivalen is upon us, so it’s time to get updated on who’s competing on Sweden’s larger-than-life qualifications for the Eurovision Song Contest. The 28-song, 6-week extravaganza is by far the most ambitious set-up any country has for Eurovision, and it has borne fruit over the years making Sweden maybe the biggest success story in recent […]

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YLC’s Eurovision 2018 picks

Eurovision Song Contest 2018 is upon us and us fans of the extravaganza turn our eyes towards Portugal, first for the two semifinals on the 8th and 10th of May, and then the Grand Final on the 12th. Semifinal 1 is shaping to be the strongest we can remember, so unfortunately we will have to […]

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