12 Jul 2024
Café Tacvba plays Stockholm for the first time ever

Café Tacvba plays Stockholm for the first time ever

Café Tacvba might have been around for almost 30 years in the music universe, but they had never played in Sweden before. Their first ever Stockholm concert took place on July 17 in front of a totally packed Kägelbanan.

Life-long fans came from different parts of Sweden to witness the Mexican band play in concert as part of their tour called Niu Güeis Tur, marking Café Tacvba’s return with their 8th studio recording called Jei Beibi (pronounced “hey baby”).



And it wasn’t just Sweden’s heat wave that raised the temperature of the theatre, it wasn’t either the fact that every song got everybody’s feet moving, it was the energy that Rubén Albarrán, Emmanuel del Real, Joselo, Quique and company put into their performances which transformed the music into vibrations that one could feel and get excited with. Sweaty faces full of joy is what you could see when turning around to look at the crowd. A view you won’t see in Sweden that often.

From beginning to end, the fans chanted along with every song. Some were from their most recent productions like Futuro and Disolviéndonos, which were the selection they threw to open the concert, followed by one of their big hits, the cover Cómo te extraño. But it wasn’t until they played Las Flores that overturned with excitement. After that, the band just kept their big hits coming one after the other, Chilanga Banda, Déjate Caer, Chica Banda.

The concert’s most awaited songs were perhaps Ingrata and El Baile y el Salón with its characteristic chorus: ‘papara papa eo eo’ that the audience sang on every occasion between songs until the band finally pleased the public and played it just after the encore. Ingrata, which many would see as Café Tacvba’s biggest hit, was the only let-down of the night, as the band decided not to listen to the crowds who incessantly screamed asking for it.

Myself I’ve been a fan of Café Tacvba since I can remember, but nothing prepares you to see them live, specially at such an intimate venue as Kägelbanan is. Café Tacvba was everything the fans had been expecting and much more… starting with Rubén’s skull mask and Quique’s colourful fluffy-furry-monster like custom with which they both took to the stage to open the concert. Then we have the ubercool choreography with which all 4 members of the band danced synchronized to Déjate Caer. And how can we not mention Rubén’s energetic performance, dance moves and jumps. He ran from corner to corner of the stage jumping on top of the monitors, reaching out to the fans who brought all sorts of presents for the band, including flowers, Swedish and Mexican flags.




They are México’s most famous rock band for a reason. They have earned their place in Latin American music by being the talented and prolific musicians they are, and with this first concert in Sweden they have confirmed it also to their Swedish fans.

We do hope this is not the last time they reach the Swedish shores and that they return the soonest!


All photos by Karen Pérez Guzmán


  • Jerry Nyman 2 Aug 2018

    You know why they don’t play ‘La Ingrata’ right?

    • Hi Jerry, only comparable to the likes of Radiohead not playing Creep at concerts anymore…

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