12 Jul 2024
Stockholm’s coolest places to watch the World Cup
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Stockholm’s coolest places to watch the World Cup

From June 14 to July 15 there isn’t many other options than to surrender to the beautiful game. We have rounded up the coolest and most stylish places to watch the World Cup matches in the city, if staying home or being squashed at a bar is not your thing.

So gather your crew, put on your team’s tee, head over to one of these cool spots and may the best team win.


Hammarby Slussväg 2

Trådgården is the popular summer club under the bridges on the southern edge of Södermalm. That’s basically where all the cool kids go. They have live music, DJs and other events throughout the summer and also offer a great way to see the World Cup. The most important matches are shown on a big screen at their Kyrkan or Gården areas – and the rest of the matches at Burgerian.

Urban Deli

Nytorget 4

Showing all Sweden’s matches, semifinals and final. They have a theme of cava, oysters and football for every match – already a very stylish theme. Besides the fact that it’s right in the middle of SOFO, their food and decorations are also very cool. You couldn’t think of a more original way to watch the football.

Bodarna by Melanders


Melanders is already well-known for their delicious seafood and their outdoor restaurant Bodarna situated at the Medborgarplatsen square. This summer they have set up several big screens and they’ll be broadcasting all the World Cup matches. There’s nothing better than to sit outdoors, grab a beer and watch your team play.


Arenavägen 67

Their big screens will always be on, showing all the World Cup matches. Besides, they have all kinds of games for your entertainment, such as the football simulator, where you can compete to take the golden cup home with you.  Throughout the World Cup you can also meet representatives from different nations and companies that will be exhibiting at Tolv, such as the Argentinian, Islandic and Mexican embassies among other countries, the Swedish Baseball Federation and some well known brands. Be sure to hang out, mingle and feel the atmosphere before the matches.

Stureplan 1


Stureplan’s favourite outdoor spot will be showing all the Swedish games and will expand its surface so that even more friends can join the party. Here you will find a lush garden, big city pulse and a holiday getaway in a perfect combination. The summer restaurant serves both lunch and light meals, and in the evening the pulse is raised and the bar offers cocktails and a lovely summer feel.


Norra Bantorget

All matches throughout the World Cup until the final on July 15th will be shown here on huge cinema-like screens. Normally, Gården will be open from 15.00, but these times will of course be adjusted to meet the hours of the games that are played earlier. Since 2010, Gården has been one of Stockholm City’s largest outdoor dining establishments. A place full of life and movement with a wonderful mix of people – just the type of atmosphere you would find at an old-fashioned schoolyard.

Humlan & Surfers


Humlan is one of Stockholm’s most beautiful and greenest outdoor dining spots in the Humlegården park. They will be showing all the big matches. This season they will be featuring the restaurant Surfers as guest. Surfers have been a success for many years in Visby and in recent years, even in Stockholm, with its relaxed interpretation of the tasteful Sechuan cooking.
Surfers offers a culinary experience with savoury and tasty surf food in the form of snacks from the spicy parts of China. At Surfers it is summer all year long, the feng shui is always on top, the drinks are beautiful and colourful and the beer is always cold.

El Cielo BAR & KÖK

Fleminggatan 22

At El Cielo in Kungsholmen, you can watch all the World Cup matches and share not only the passion for football but also of premium South American food, a warm and welcoming atmosphere, good food and good personal service.

The Border – Burgers vs Burritos

Rutger Fuchsgatan 3

The restaurant will be showing all the World Cup matches, so you can support whichever team you like until the final. They are open every day from 11:00-23:00. Although US and Mexican dishes are the main attraction on their menu, they also serve Swedish food. The restaurant has 100% organic meat from Bjursund outside Västervik supplied every day and their bread comes from a local bakery.

Photos courtesy of each respective restaurant

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