18 Jul 2024
Laughing Stock #2 – Interview with Christian Schulte-Loh
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Laughing Stock #2 – Interview with Christian Schulte-Loh

It’s time for a good belly laugh. It’s time for Laughing Stock #2, Stockholm’s newest all English stand up comedy night at Teater Pero.

This second episode of comedy is headlined by Christian Schulte-Log, otherwise known as the 50ft-German. He is an international stand-up act that has performed in clubs and at festivals in more than twenty countries.

We posed a few questions to Christian to get a feel for who would be entertaining us on Wednesday…

How did you get started in stand-up comedy?

By annoying my teachers in school. I enjoyed having the last word and making the class laugh, so I knew that I wanted to do that on a stage. I then did my first stand-up gig during an Erasmus exchange semester in Belgium. So I guess I was an international act from my first gig on.

What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve made as a rising comedian?

The biggest mistake in the beginning was a very common one in new comedians: I did stick too much to the written material. My act was too sterile, too artificial in the beginning. I needed some time to work my personality into it, I guess. As an act you develop over the years. I actually have a video recording of my first gig, which was horrible. Just like Hollywood celebrities hope their nude pics don’t leak, I hope that video of my first gig will never do.

Comedians often fail onstage by using local material in front of an international crowd. How do manage to make your material international?

Being constantly on the road helps. If you’re not local anywhere, your material can never be local either.

Besides comedy, what do you excel?

Sorry, but from the moment you said “besides comedy”, I stopped listening….

What’s the best thing about your job…

Unlike any other profession in the world, in comedy the better you are at your job, the more people will laugh at you. That’s great. Or is it sad? Not sure…

If you could live anywhere in the world…

I would pick where I live right now: which is everywhere and nowhere, always on the road. I’m okay with being a stand-up comedian, not a settle-down comedian.


Also joining the laugh-a-minute team on stage this week is Isak Jansson, one of Sweden’s hottest rising stars of the Swedish stand up scene. He has performed all over the world including the UK, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Russia and India! He has recorded two live albums (in Swedish and in English) which have become cult classics. Check them out on Spotify here

Isak Jansson
Isak Jansson

Christian and Isak will be joined by Elena Gabets and MC Ben Kersley. You can read our previous interview with Ben here.

Get your friends together for a night of belly laughs. See you on the 15th October!

When: Wednesday 15th October, 20:00 pm
Where: Teater Pero, Sveavägen 114, 11350 Stockholm

For more info contact [email protected]
Get your tickets here:  https://billetto.se/laughstock2

Photos provided by Laughing Stock


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