21 Jun 2024
Improvised Troubadour Tales
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Improvised Troubadour Tales

International Theater Stockholm is bringing us Troubadour Tales – a new improvised show about dreams. It will run alongside their improv classic Lost in Translation this fall.


What is Troubadour Tales?

“Troubadour Tales” is a completely improvised show that explores how the pursuit of our dreams drives our lives. And all the obstacles we are willing to go through in order to try and achieve our dreams. The show is performed by a charismatic troubadour and two actors.

Why dreams?

We can all relate to having dreams, and once we go after them all kind of crazy shit happens in our lives. Some of it can be great and some can be really tough. This show tries to honor the human experience of that pursuit and at the same time enjoy the playfulness that surrounds it. Whether we actually achieve our dreams or not, what makes life rich are the experiences and the stories that you collect along the way.

What is the significance of the Troubadour?

Troubadours are storytellers. We our blessed with a very talented Troubadour, Ola Aurell. Ola tours all over Sweden performing his hilarious songs and you might have even seen him perform, at Allsång på Skansen this summer. He plays beautiful music and is extremely talented lyrically, even in English, which is not his mother tongue. And he is also a fantastic improviser. So he plays the role of the storyteller as well as jumps in and out of different roles along the way. The music he plays and the songs he sings sets the tone for the show.

Why two shows in one night?

“Troubadour Tales” is a one act show, so we chose to combine it with “Lost in Translation”, which is our award winning flagship show that has been running for five years and was voted “Stockholm’s Best Improv Show 2015”. We think this will be a kick ass night of improv and a chance to show our audience two very different shows. The night will be filled with dreams, love, laughter and lots of energy.


The location is:
Götgatan 73

Showtime: 20.00

Show dates for Troubadour Tales:
October 7, 14 and November 18th.  

You can get tickets at http://www.ticketmaster.se/artist/lost-in-translation-biljetter/950872

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