18 May 2024
Midoris – Love for sushi
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Midoris – Love for sushi

Restaurant Midoris on Slöjdgatan 2 has been spreading its love for sushi in Stockholm since October 2022 with original sushi, sashimi, bowls and ramen in creative combinations and presentations you will not find anywhere else.

Midoris means yellow in Japanese, its decoration is inviting and refreshing with lots of greenery and a big yellow poster with an oversized samurai that decorates one of its walls, making it feel like an exotic oasis right in the pulsing heart of the Swedish capital.

Your Living City had the opportunity to interview Midoris’ owners and chefs and to try their flavoursome food. Keep reading to find out why we think Midoris is one of the best Japanese restaurants in town.

midoris sushi restaurant stockholm

Mohtasim, Tsogbayar and his wife Bat are the soul of Midoris, their partnership was born from their love for sushi. Mohtasim has an IT background and runs companies within this industry. He is a true sushi lover and as such he used to eat sushi everywhere. He felt that Stockholm was missing a new concept in sushi and he wanted to fill this gap, so he bought a tiny sushi shop around Fridhemsplan. At the time he bought that sushi shop, Tsogbayar and Bat were running it. Bat already had many years of experience in sushi making in other Japanese restaurants. Mohtasim marvelled at the amount of love and dedication Bat would put into making every single piece of sushi. The place was very popular and people loved her sushi there, but during that time Bat had already been working in the sushi shop as the only chef for a long time, having come to a point at which she had had enough, and she decided it was time to leave the shop. When Mohtasim bought the restaurant he asked Bat to return for one day to give him a hand in starting the place over. Bat and Mohtasim really started to get along, she liked his philosophy and soon enough she and Tsogbayar started working in the sushi shop again.

The chemistry between Mohtasim, Bat and Tsogbayar was such that Mohtasim dared to confess for them his dream of having a bigger sushi restaurant with a new concept. His friends though this sounded amusing, as he wasn’t a chef, but there was something he did have and that was his huge love for sushi. The three then decided to join forces in this adventure and it didn’t take long before they found the location for what is now Midoris.

midoris sushi restaurant stockholm
Tsogbayar, Bat and Mohtasim

Midoris has been well received among sushi lovers. New and returning customers are treated to authentic Japanese food, sushi rolls, ramen and bowls made with dedication and love and in an appealing presentation.

midoris sushi restaurant stockholm

Sushi can be done in so many ways, but what makes Midoris’ sushi special and the reason why it has been so successful is all the different kinds of sauces, all the different kinds of fish and the various combinations that Bat has been putting together. During our interview, both Mohtasim and Tsogbayar praised Bat’s gift and special touch she uses as a chef. The whole menu consists of her original creations, where she has poured in all the knowledge she has gathered during all her years of experience.

Other specialities that you should try from Midoris’ menu are the Tataki, their deluxe rolls and their ramen. We have to admit that the flavours of their original sauces mixed with the different fish and vegetables in their sushi and rolls are a next level of flavour, a lavish experience on the palate.

midoris sushi restaurant stockholm

A visit to Midoris will feel like wandering into a different world. Tsogbayar was in charge of the decoration of the restaurant, he wanted to make it feel refreshing and bespoke, so he placed leaves and greenery on the walls and hanging from the lights of the restaurant. He also covered an entire wall in bright yellow, with details of an impressive young Japanese warrior wearing a samurai armor and a wise man’s mask. All these details feed your sight whilst you are enjoying their food, making for a well-rounded, lively and joyful experience.

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