28 May 2024
Love in Stockholm: Most Romantic Restaurants
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Love in Stockholm: Most Romantic Restaurants

Some say love comes from the heart but passes through the stomach… the truth is, very few of those big love stories started with an empty stomach or over an empty plate. So in order to inspire the blooming of more love stories in the city, we have put together a list of the most love-inspiring and most romantic restaurants in Stockholm, because we need more love in the city!


Brunnsgränd 2-4

Suggestive, lavish, cozy, courting and very romantic are just a few of the adjectives that come to mind as you walk inside Le Rouge, with its luxurious decoration in golden and red with all the shades in between. Located in the historic Gamla Stan, the main part of the restaurant is found in a cellar beautifully decorated with red, white and pink velvet curtains that resemble the shape and form of a tent and have the effect of a warm embrace.

The kind service of their staff is also heartwarming, they welcome you with a smile and are very happy to recommend just the right dish to indulge yourself based on your mood . They also have the knowledgeable experience to find you the perfect drink to match your food selection and palate.

To eat at Le Rouge is a total experience on so many levels. They take so much care in choosing high quality ingredients, their recipes are very well designed in a way that all flavours on your plate build up deliciously from the first spoon until the last.

Impressive looks, mood-setting music, luscious aromas, fantastic food… Le Rouge is simply a call of love to the senses!


Nygränd 10

Beautifully dressed and decorated tables lit by dimmed candle lights in a rousing and cozy atmosphere warm up the hearts of Fem Små Hus’ guests. The name means “Five small houses” and the restaurant consists of seven beautiful cellar vaults that extend under five houses along Nygränd down towards Skeppsbron in Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s old town. As soon as you walk in, you can breathe the air of long traditions for good service and good food. Back in the 18th century, a woman called Anna Lindberg opened the first restaurant on this spot.

Fem Små Hus, with its distressed brick walls and curved brick ceilings, is the kind of place that makes your mind wander to that first date and relive the feelings that brought you together. Their food is carefully prepared and presented and the marvellous flavours blend the traditional Swedish food with a touch of French elegance, in perfect pairings with selections from their wine cellar.

We cannot recommend a date night in Fem Små Hus more. Not only will you enjoy a culinary experience that will treat you to a journey of flavours, but their dedicated service will also make you feel as well taken care of as you only feel at home with your loved ones. They also have a special Valentine’s Day menu which is carefully designed to make you fall in love all over again.


Hantverkargatan 1.

Restaurant Stadshuskällaren is located within the emblematic Stadshuset (City Hall) building. It has long traditions, since it opened its doors in 1922. This is the only restaurant in the world, at which you can enjoy all of the Nobel menus from the past served on the actual Nobel porcelain.

They create contemporary Swedish dishes with inspiration drawn from the wildlife of the north, via the west coast’s fish and seafood, to the crops of the southern regions. Cherishing Swedish culinary traditions and working closely with a selected network of breeders, growers and producers throughout Sweden. Magnus Santesson and his team wish you warmly welcome to Restaurant Stadshuskällaren.


Strömgatan 14

Brasseriet is a restaurant where the flavors are characterized by Scandinavian craftsmanship and an enormous food delight. Where local ingredients and Nordic flavors are the menu’s red thread. The food they cook is the food they love, and they hope you will feel the same way!

In Paris in the 19th century, many brasseries came to be the gathering places of influential writers, celebrities and artists. There were conversations that cultivated the culture and fed the soul. That’s why Brasseriet aims to be a welcoming meeting place, where the love for conversation and culture is combined with the love of well-composed food.


Brännkyrkagatan 93

Panevino is an Italian corner in Söder, that promises you a lot of love for food and people with every visit. Just like in Italy! At Panevino you can enjoy the best of traditional Italian cuisine, in modern vintage. The menu and the environment are created to welcome all needs and wishes, with magical dishes and drinks. Perhaps a delicate fettucine with foie gras fillet and truffle, a lamb salsiccia and pumpkin, perfectly paired with one of the 600 hand-picked Italian wines? At the adjacent piazza, or in the greenhouse, as they also call it, you can enjoy the best breakfast and lunches in a cozy atmosphere under a fig tree.


Karl XII:s torg

Operakällaren’s Main Dining Room, including its original interior with wall paintings, gilded oak panels, suspended panel ceiling and impressive chandeliers, is considered to be one of Sweden’s most beautiful interiors. With the addition of large mirrors, new furniture and fixtures, it has been transformed into a modern restaurant.

Here you will find international haute cuisine, designed with passion by the acclaimed chef Stefano Catenacci. In their wine cellar there is a large selection of fine wines from all over the world to elevate your romantic food adventure to the next level. Operakällaren has a star and five red ‘Couvert symbols’ in Guide Michelin and a membership in the prestigious association of restaurants “Les Grandes Tables du Monde / Traditions & Qualité”.


Stortorget 7

Ebenist has a menu varied in seasonal creativity using many local and national products with a clear and distinctive taste. Their chef Daniel Christou leads the team in the kitchen where curiosity and a focus on the greens characterise the cooking.
The wine cellar hosts a wide range of wines of the old and new world, as well as a huge selection of natural wines produced through biodynamic principles with as little additives as possible. You can be sure that whatever food you choose at your date, Ebenist’s sommelier will find the right match for it and will guide you through unique wine suggestions for the right flavours.

And don’t forget to try their cocktails, mixed in Ebenist’s own style with a classic touch. Curiosity drives the bar forward and results in cool taste combinations. Watch our video on Stockholm’s Top 5 Cocktails to understand what we’re talking about. Ebenist is a place where the senses are sparked and emotions find warmth with good food and drinks for everyone.



You will find Himlen, which means “the heaven” or “paradise”, in the very heart of Södermalm. The intimate fine dining restaurant on the 25th floor offers carefully prepared dishes specialising on the French and the Swedish cuisine, all together with exceptional wines and professional service. If you prefer a more laid-back style, the lounge and cocktail bar on the 26th floor offer you superbly mixed cocktails and one of Stockholm’s best views.


Malmskillnadsgatan 45

A 1920’s speakeasy and cabaret in the heart of Stockholm!

Here is a little something for the adventurous lovers… At MELT you will enjoy luxurious cocktails, eclectic cuisine, world-class entertainment and an experience unlike anything else in the city! Pop-up cabaret acts every night from their rotating cast of international performers including singers, burlesque dancers, acrobats, jugglers, drag queens and so much more! You never know what you’ll discover when you open the door marked with the golden “M”.

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