13 Jun 2024
English Theatre in Stockholm: The Cordelia Dream
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English Theatre in Stockholm: The Cordelia Dream

There is nothing better on a dark November night than a dark drama – YLC’s Vanessa Le Grange went to see rehearsals of a new play in English opening in Stockholm.


There’s something about November that has us either looking inward and hibernating or painting the town maroon in velvet and autumn chic. I imagine that a piece of delightfully dark theatre followed by a glass of Burgundy would lend a poetic voice to the love, hate and complex paths and relationships in our lives.

Verina Kranak (actor, US), a Phd candidate in the field of solid state chemistry and Niall Balfe (actor, writer from Ireland), a computer programmer along with Colleen Clayton (SE, UK) Director and English Teacher, contrive to bring us the Cordelia Dream.

The play was originally written for The Royal Shakespeare Company by Marina Carr in 2008. Haunted by a dream of King Lear and Cordelia, a young female composer seeks out and confronts her old mentor. He is now old and full of bitterness and regret. He hopes that his isolated life – he has only his piano for company – will produce the ultimate musical finale. Her presence mocks him and her wish for reconciliation takes them on a devastating journey.

When asked why they’ve invested so much at great personal cost to themselves Verina, Niall and Colleen answered “because we must”.

And this is particularly interesting as the desire to have one’s work live on and rise above the limitations of everyday life is in fact in essence what this play is about. (Then again, Verina insists that we’d be surprised by how equally creative chemistry and acting are. We’ll have to take her word for it.)


For a preview look here! More info can also be found on the website

The original musical compositions for this production are written and performed by Tristessa Åberg – and they promise to be a treat.

Directed by: Colleen Clayton

Performed by: Verina Kranak & Niall Balfe.

Where and when: Teater Tr3, November 21, 22, 23, 29, 30 at 7pm.

Damage: 150 SEK (130 SEK for students with student card) and tickets can be purchased here.

Good English speaking theatre to high standard is a rare thing in Stockholm. Passa på! (Don’t miss it!)


Vanessa Le Grange

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