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Beerfest! Stockholm’s best beer spots
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Beerfest! Stockholm’s best beer spots

If you are also a lover of the liquid gold that is beer, then you’re going to love this round-up of the best beer spots in Stockholm. We have carefully handpicked these bars and restaurants, because of the focus they have on beer both local and from every corner of the world; the large array they offer of all kinds of beers, some of them produced by their own breweries.
And pay special attention to the Beer Walk we have prepared for you! Yes, 7 beer spots located all across Södermalm and a boat jump to one in Hammarby Sjöstad. You can enjoy all these within walking distance with your group of beer-loving friends. Stop and have a glass, then continue on to the next beer spot.
– Folk & Friends
Norr Mälarstrand 32, 112 20 Stockholm
Folk & Friends opened its doors in 2016. It is more than a dog-friendly place – it is dog-ruled… It’s owners Alli and Victor have a funny saying/joke: Dogs welcome, people tolerated. This is a very welcoming bar where you are encouraged to bring your dog and you can both have a glass of the golden liquid. Yes, they have a beer for dogs, it’s called Snuffle Dog and it has no alcohol. Apart from that, they offer over 60 beers in bottle and 3 more Swedish beers on tap for the thirsty owner accompanying the dog. They are very commited to the community and like to organize events like beer launches and birthday parties for the dogs. On Mondays you can even bring your own food, but they also have yummy pies cooked in-house. Folk & Friends support small breweries that cannot produce the big batches required by Systembolaget, for example. On our visit there, they told us the story of a tiny brewery from Gotland called Hop Shed, who contacted Folk & Friends and asked them if they were interested in selling their beer. They were, so Hop Shed’s ownerd drove themselves 4 boxes all they way to Stockholm, and it all sold out quite quickly! You can be sure to find beers here you will not find anywhere else. And they are all light beers, meaning under 3,5% of alcohol content and you can also buy them for takeaway with a 20% discount.

– Bierhaus
Tegnérgatan 10, 113 58 Stockholm
We’re recommending this place for its selection of German beers, but you’ll also find a few other international ones, as well as some Swedish classics. We liked the place’s atmosphere with its brick walls and it’s wooden floors, long tables and benches. Sort of what you’d expect to find at Oktoberfest. You can sit next to a complete stranger and end the night not being strangers anymore. You can also have your favourite German bar food, such as bratwurst with sauerkraut, currywurst with chips, pulled burger with chips, jaegerschnitzel, weinerschnitzel, etc.
It gets plenty of visitors, but because of its size it doesn’t tend to get too crowded, which is always a plus.

– Bottle Shop
Kocksgatan 19, 116 24 Stockholm
The IPAs, the ones with the strong hoppy flavours and the pale ales are among their biggest selling beers, but this varies depending on the season. They have between 90 and 100 beers, 2 or 3 on the tap.
They also sell pies such as Chili Stout Steak with beer in the recipe, Fiesta Mexicana Taco and Porter Chicken Bacon, just to mention a few. Beers come mostly from different places in Europe.  In this strength is the perfect kind of drink one should have with a nice lunch and you can match it to your dish, if you have to drive or go back to work afterwards. Perhaps that’s why they see their busiest times during the day around lunch, in the words of bar owner Martin.
They have created three unique beers with their own recipes trying to recreate the flavours that they were missing in other beers.
– Brewdog Kungsholmen
Sankt Eriksgatan 56, 112 34 Stockholm

They have tasty beer by the tap and a few bottled varieties, over 15 types to choose from. And all of them with amusing names that you would have to repeat twice in your mind before you order them. If you get hungry, there is also a selection of snacks and food, like hot dogs and several burgers to choose from. There is even a little dog bed, where your four-legged companion can curl up while you down your glass of the liquid gold. When you’re there, don’t forget to visit the toilet… Yes you read right, the toilet! I won’t say much more than its decoration is weird, funny and cool.

– Mikkeller
Brahegatan 3-5, 114 37 Stockholm
They’re located in a little space a bit under the street level, so it feels very intimate as you enter it, especially when you’re welcomed by their very friendly staff, always happy to know what sort of flavour you are after. They will recommend you the best from their very wide catalog of 24 beers on the tap and many more other beers in bottle and can.
Most of their beers are from different small breweries in Sweden, but they also offer beers from the Nordics that are worth trying. I tried the bartender’s recommendation of Mikkeller’s own Kärlek, which means love, a hazy pale ale, which totally matched my craving for a fruity ale, love in a glass.
They also produce their own wines and exciting spirits like vodka and gin. Whatever you’re after drinkwise, they have it!
– Monks Cafe Gamla Stan
Munkbron 11, 111 28 Stockholm
When you enter Monks Cafe in Gamla Stan you’ll be entering to a place of the historic Stockholm, located in the corner of Munkbron. Going down a flight of stairs straight into the basement you will be confronted by the walls of a bar that has been there since 1636. You can feel in the atmosphere that this place has seen and heard so many stories. Both here and at the wine bar, which is at the street level, you can taste delicious beer from all over the world. Over 200 beers form their tasty stock, though Monks’ own brews are the speciality. It gets very lively with groups coming down for a cozy night of beer tasting and experiencing in dimmed lights. The place is divided into many rooms, where you can have dinner with your love, or with your friends or work colleagues. It is all very comfortable for parties or functions.

THE BEER WALK: Starting from Akkurat close to Slussen walk all across Södermalm southbound stopping at six other beer-specialised bars and a shop located strategically one after the other. Then reach Söder’s other end and jump on a commuter boat to visit Nya Carnegiebryggeriet, one of Stockholm’s most famous breweries. You wont regret this little beer trip and you’ll learn one thing or two about beer.
– Akkurat
Hornsgatan 18, 118 20 Stockholm
This is a truly classic beer bar and one of the best-stocked bars in Stockholm. Do you consider yourself a beer connoisseur? Then you’ll value Akkurat, which offers over twenty brews on tap and a dizzying number of bottled varieties from every corner of the globe, including numerous Belgian ales and local microbrews. You can make your experience even greater by pairing your beer with one of the 400 whiskeys that Akkurat has in stock. You could spend several happy evenings here just exploring and sampling, making new discoveries and broadening your palate. There is a separate dining section, where you can order from a delicious menu of traditional Swedish dishes among other typical bar foods. Make a pitstop here over the weekend and enjoy yourself with the music from live bands.

– Oliver Twist
Repslagargatan 6, 118 46 Stockholm
We really enjoyed the rock music playing here from all ages of rock, something you don’t find in many places in Stockholm. Oliver Twist’s decoration is the most un-Swedish you can think off, flags from breweries all over the world on the ceiling, stickers on the walls everywhere, adding a lot of colour and coziness to the bar. Their multi-taps serving many available beers come mostly from everywhere in Sweden and form a show in themselves.
– Omnipollos Hatt
Hökens gata 1A, 116 46 Stockholm
You should be prepared to be comfortable spending some time cheek to cheek with your neighbour at the bar, as it is normally very crowded. Expect also to hang out with the super-hip SoFo crowds, so prepare yourself with your coolest and most effortless outfit. The music is very particular and interesting. The beers are of the most unique you’ll taste in Stockholm and many of them  are from their own production of very delicious brews, as well as from other local microbreweries. It’s a cool place with plants hanging from the ceiling and a bar made out of corks. Whatever you drink, don’t forget to pair it with one for their pizzas made in their wood-fired oven.
– Ölerian
Tjärhovsgatan 50, 116 28 Stockholm
They try to work mostly with small breweries from Stockholm, and have got in contact with many microbreweries that just come knocking at their door and offering to sell their products through them. Sometimes they include these crafted new beers in their menu, which we see as a very cool and community-conscious thing to do. You will find 9 different beers occupying their taps and expect to see a fluid rotation in them with a new surprise waiting for you every time you visit.

– Katarina Ölkafé
Katarina Bangata 27, 116 39 Stockholm
This is a small but very friendly and welcoming spot on Söder. The American-Jewish deli foods are to die for and truly match your glass of lager or IPA. Katarina Ölkafé is well-known for supporting small and local microbreweries, but you will also find some imported brews on their menu. On a sunny early afternoon you will find the IPA-pappas (fathers on paternity leave) in groups having a glass of craft beer with their babies by their side, quite a nice place to be.
– BrewDog Södermalm
Ringvägen 149B, 116 31 Stockholm
They’ve been open for 2 years now. They usually have 18 beers to choose from on tap, some of them their own production, but also other locally produced beers and some international featured beers. But that’s not all! The variety grows even more with the beers available in bottle and can. Perhaps you know them better by their Punk IPA, which is their biggest seller. It can be because you can find it at the Systembolaget, but it’s also one of he first beers BrewDog started producing. Can’t make up your mind? Go for a tasting tray!
– Babajan – micro brewery bar, vegetarían
Katarina Bangata 75, 116 42 Stockholm
You will hardly find a more laid-back place than Babajan. It looks and feels like out of the 1960’s with all its hippyish colours going on everywhere and its general looks.  They have 15 beers on tap plus more than 100 other beers in the bottle to choose from – originating from every corner of the world. We recommend you to visit Babajan, have a dinner and order a bottle of their finest barrel aged stouts or barrel aged IPAs. It’s like having a nice champagne, but made of hops, barley and yeast, mmmhm!
– Nya Carnegiebryggeriet
Ljusslingan 15-17, 120 64 Stockholm
This is a very beautiful and modern bar/restaurant/brewery that opened its doors in 2014. We love the space – very open, spacious and light. Sitting just by the water you can even arrive by public transport boats from Södermalm. It’s a great place to visit in the summer, since its outdoor areas are very cozy overlooking the water. Nya Carnegiebryggeriet offers over 10 beers on tap, mostly their own production, plus several beers you can buy by the bottle or can. We had the house’s own production of 100W IPA by recommendation of the bartender and it was just delicious, fruity and fresh. We could have it everyday. And their brewery is just a few meters away from where you’re sitting at the bar, so beer doesn’t really get fresher than that.
Photo credit Karen Pérez Guzmán


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