18 Jul 2024
In Pictures: St. Patrick’s Parade
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In Pictures: St. Patrick’s Parade

The sun has finally come and it came bringing joy – or so it appeared on Sunday as we walked along with the St. Patrick’s parade, organised by the Swedish-Irish Society.

A wave of green flooded the streets of Stockholm departing from Humlegården and all the way to Kornhamnstorg  in Gamla Stan, in the shape of hundreds of happy people led by the music from the Stockholm Pipe Band.




Kids and grownups hit the streets to proudly demonstrate what typically represents the jovial Irish spirit with rainbows and clover leaves painted on their faces, hats, wigs, balloons, flags, tents, boppers and all. Among the committee came a very colourful, psychedelic looking snake, a few wolfhounds, stilt-walkers, a rainbow leading to a pot of gold and golden chocolate coins that were thrown into the excited crowds.






At Kornhamnstorg St. Patrick welcomed the Irish, Swedes, tourists and whoever had joined the parade with a speech and introduced the artists from the different acts that performed for the public. The performances included the Draíocht School of Irish Dancing, the Irish Dance Project, and the Irish Set Dancing group, musicians Kieran O’Loughlin, Brian O’Connor & Brian Friel, with the surprise of a special singing guest, Robert Scott Walker.






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