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With stag-dos or svensexas dating back to the ancient Spartans, YLC decided to jazz up this old shindig with new additions to make this night/weekend of freedom more about fun and bromance than hang overs and NSFW pictures.


Whether you call it a hen's do or a möhippa (Swedish), a ladies last leg of freedom is no longer just a booze soaked night of debauchery (though it can be if you're into that too).


Spring spells birds, bees...and all things bridal! It’s the season couples spend big on bubbly, bouquets and bridesmaids. Small wonder that there’s little cash left for THE DRESS. YLC checked out a vintage wedding fair to get the lowdown on how not to spend an arm and a leg...


The warm spring weather marks the beginning of Sweden’s wedding (bröllop) season. Swedes like to do their weddings their own way – some will...


In part 3 of our four part series on Swedish wedding traditions, we look at the Swedish wedding cake and banquet ...