25 Jul 2024
The List: Stockholm’s Best Cafés for Work
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The List: Stockholm’s Best Cafés for Work

There is no denying that our chosen city is a great place to pursue a freelance career – at least when it comes to finding places to set up your own pop up office (read laptop and phone). No strangers to this kind of work day, we thought we’d share our top tips for café working – Stockholm style!


Muggen, Götgatan

An YLC all-time favourite due to good wifi (with password), great cakes, tasty if slightly pricey lunches, and wonderful location on Götgatan. If you drop in on a weekday morning, don’t be surprised if you find us there, busy planning the future of the YLC empire. We’re always early, as it fills up by lunch. Not great for power outlets, mind – so don’t steal our seats near the toilets (where there’s a socket, silly).

Sit in style in the Mood Galleria

Mood Galleria (Café Egoiste) 

With great wifi (again no fiddling with passwords), power outlets at all the tables near the concierge, and the BIGGEST cinnamon buns in the city (at Café Egoiste), the Mood Galleria is a great place to work. Slight minus that there is quite a trek to get to the restrooms (no chance of leaving your computer for a quick trip) but if you are not weak-bladdered – it is still one of the top places to work in the city.  Top tip – if you stay till 4pm on Thursdays and Fridays you can round off the working week with a glass of Champagne when the Richard Juhlin Champagne Club, with omniscient sommelier  Björnstierne Antonson, takes over Egoiste for a couple of hours. Not the cheapest – but oh, so swanky.

Espresso House (all over town)

The classic choice. With fuss-free wifi (no need to type in passwords etc), a nice but casual environment and multiple location, Espresso house has become the Stockholm freelancer’s go-to place. Coffees and lunches are not too over-priced (for Stockholm) and there is generally plenty of places to sit and a reasonable amount of power outlets. Our fave Espresso House is probably the one on Vasagatan, Skrapan or the one in NK.  (Pro tip – if you choose Stureplan, bring a sweater, it is always cold. ) Wherever you go, you are sure to feel at home in the comfy sofas and chairs. If you are an antler-enthusiast you’ll feel especially at home (you’ll have to go there and find out why)!

Mocco, Östermalm

Wonderful for both quick work meetings and a longer writing sesh, Mocco has lovely food and ample space to spread out. Perfect if one wants to stay on the posher side of town or just have had enough of one’s usual SoFo haunts. Wifi with password. Nice, clean toilets (What?! These things are trés trés important!)


Pick your fave colour at PUB

PUB, Hötorget

Riding on the wave of unconventional work spaces, Pub has made available spaces in the department store where one can set up one’s pop up office. Not exactly a coffee house, there are plenty of cafés in the store where you can stock up on coffee  and snacks. PUB provides two chairs, a table and a poser socket – basically all you need. Choose your fave colour (mine is purple, so stay off!) and work away. Wifi not the quickest and toilets not too close, but on the other hand, one can pop into Smiley Vintage in breaks – and frankly one doesn’t mind if one does!

Coffice, Tjärhovsgatan

Now if you are serious about office-less freelancing, you can’t continue on unaware of this the coffeehouse-writers’ mecca. One of the few places in town you can go, get exceptional coffee and set up your laptop knowing that this is exactly what they expect you to do. In fact, this café is CREATED for this very purpose! You can also join the Work Club, and get access to printer, book meeting rooms and other office facilities. Check out the site for more info, prices etc.) YLC loves Coffice and is making a mental note to be going there even more often in the future. (We also love taking a peek into the offices of The Local as we make our way down from Mosebacke…)

So there you have it, the YLC top choices for pop-up office working in the city. We hope to see you around!

Pssst! For those that want a more organized working environment, why not check out our guide to top co-working Spaces in Stockholm!

Featured Image: 55Laney69/Flickr (file)

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