18 Jul 2024
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It’s all about the brunch! – Stockholm’s best brunch spots

A weekend without brunch is like a sunset without the sun, a margarita without tequila, an ocean without waves… it’s just not right! And that is why we took to the task of searching and researching around Stockholm for the very best brunches. So next weekend you don’t have to worry about anything else than […]

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My Favorite Cafes – In and Around Stockholm

One of my absolute favorite things about Sweden is the Swedish fika, or coffee break. Swedes have utterly perfected this fika thing, which actually encompasses much more than simply taking the American “ten minute coffee break” at work. It is a social institution, utilized by friends, family and the work place alike, and almost always […]

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Café Culture Work & Money

The List: Stockholm’s Best Cafés for Work

Stockholm is a great place to pursue a freelance career – at least when it comes to finding places to set up your own pop up office (read laptop and phone). No strangers to this kind of work day, we thought we’d share our top tips for café working – Stockholm style!

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Living ‘glutenfritt’ (gluten free) in Stockholm

Learning to live gluten-free in a new city can be a challenge. YLC contributor Hannah Bradley spent 6 months exploring Stockholm options…

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YLC Top Five Swedish Fika

During our Christmas giveaways we asked our readers to give us their recommendations on their most favourite fika – here are a few of our favourites. Enjoy! If you’ve recovered from all that Christmas baking and feel ready to get back into the kitchen we’ve included links to all the fika recipes, so why not take a chance […]

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