25 Jul 2024
Tips for Finding the Best Family-Friendly Hotels in Djurgården

Tips for Finding the Best Family-Friendly Hotels in Djurgården

Tips for Finding the Best Family-Friendly Hotels in Djurgården

Stockholm is the heart of Sweden’s tourism industry. Prior to the pandemic, it welcomed more than 13 million overnight visitors every year. Although this figure has dwindled considerably this year, the city still boasts spectacular natural beauty and a rich, diverse history. When planning your Stockholm vacation you may find it difficult to decide which district to stay in. With its plentiful open spaces and ease-of-access to various tourist destinations, Djurgården is a top choice for traveling families. It is also one of the quieter districts and home to a number of esteemed restaurants, parks, museums and shops worth perusing.  Finding the perfect accommodation for a family may seem daunting. Thankfully, the task at hand becomes significantly easier if you know exactly what to look out for.

Seek out child-friendly services

One of the greatest appeals of a family-friendly hotel is the added, curated, facilities they offer to make your stay increasingly stress-free and enjoyable. Family-friendly hotels tend to sport amenities such as in-room cots, other complimentary baby gear and babysitting services that more business-oriented accommodations lack. Some accommodations even offer child-proofing kits to guests to render the rooms increasingly safe for the youngest members of the family. These added extras not only contribute to the level of enjoyment of your vacation, but to the safety of your family as well. The Pop House Hotel is a firm-favorite among visiting families and offers child care services and family-friendly laundry facilities.

Tips for Finding the Best Family-Friendly Hotels in Djurgården Hotel pop house
The Hotel Pop House

Enquire about the room layouts

At home, children become accustomed to having their own rooms, a full-sized bathroom that is easy to access, and sufficient space in which to play. When it comes to staying in a hotel, however, the closer confines may leave them feeling uneasy. While seeking out a family-friendly hotel in Djurgården, make sure to enquire about the size of the rooms as well as the availability of designated family suites. The Hotel Hasselbacken is perfect for families of all sizes. The Family Four room accommodates up to four people while the Family Five can comfortably lodge a family of five. The hotel also boasts a restaurant that is ideal for family dining.

Tips for Finding the Best Family-Friendly Hotels in Djurgården The hotel Hasselbacken
The hotel Hasselbacken

Check out nearby activities

When vacationing with the family you ideally want to be situated close to activities and attractions that the whole family can partake in. Even if you are planning on renting a car you do not want to travel unnecessary long distances with small children in tow. Thankfully, Djurgården is known for its family-friendly attractions, most of which are a short commute away from both the Pop House Hotel and the Hotel Hasselbacken. Some of the most popular attractions worth visiting include the Skansen Open Air Museum, the Rosendals Trädgård, and the Vasa Museum. When enquiring about nearby activities also find out if a family concierge service is available.

Tips for Finding the Best Family-Friendly Hotels in Djurgårde rosendals Trädgård
Rosendals Trädgård. Photo credit: Tina Stafrén/imagebank.sweden.se

Taking a family vacation should not be a stressful endeavour. Thankfully it can be made significantly more enjoyable by finding family-friendly accommodation in the heart of Djurgården.

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