24 Jul 2024
Slash sets Gröna Lund on fire

Slash sets Gröna Lund on fire

Slash took a pit stop in Stockholm last night to perform at Gröna Lund featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators during his tour “World on Fire” in which they’re promoting their latest album with the same title.


The sun was going down over the city and striking the Stora Scen at Gröna Lund when Slash and company took over to perform some of their newest songs that everybody in the audience seemed to already know, as they sang along together with vocalist Myles Kennedy song after song.


Slash wore his iconic top hat with silver buckles and silver aviator sunglasses, his curls covering part of his face, just as one would have pictured him, a living Rock n’Roll legend. The whole band plunged energy into their performance with head-banging moves and hair shakes.


To the delight of many, including me, he did not fail to perform a few of the Guns N’ Roses classics that made him famous, among them Welcome to the Jungle and You Could be Mine. At the climax of the concert he climbed up to a speaker, stretched his fingers, pressed them against the strings of his guitar and started scratching it producing the chords of that song that everybody had been waiting for: Sweet Child O’ Mine.

I have been a long time fan of Guns N’ Roses and Slash and ever since I was young I dreamed to see him live and hear him play that song. Last night was the night it finally occurred and it sounded as powerful and hypnotic as I thought it would. I thought everybody felt the same, when I saw the entire crowd singing and jumpimg with excitement to the song, an all time Rock N’ Roll hymn.


Slash switched guitars constantly during the concert, he had a team of technicians on one side of the stage having his guitar switches prepared at all times. He went for the electric guitar, the semi-acoustic guitar, the double 12-string and 6-string guitar, the double electric 6-string and 6-string semi-acoustic guitar, you name the guitar – he had them all.


Without any major paraphernalia the five members of the band devoted themselves to deliver a flawless performance that made the audiences feel like time had not passed, since Rock n’Roll is timeless. As I left the venue all I could feel was wild excitement and all I could think about was I love Rock and Roll!


All photos: Karen Pérez Guzmán

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