17 Jul 2024
Joel’s 10 small tips to make a big difference in helping refugees

Joel’s 10 small tips to make a big difference in helping refugees

Right now it’s all about trying to help refugees. Like a lot of people, I’ve been looking for ways to get involved. But the question is what can you do that will really make a difference?

So I did some research and talked with experts in the field. Here are 10 simple tips you can try that experts think will probably help:

  1. Try not to set fire to refugee homes across your country, or burn them down to the ground.
  2. If you’re a journalist and you’re among refugees who are fleeing to safety, try not to repeatedly kick them and trip them for the sake of better video footage.
  3. Try not to organize anti-immigration rallies for tens of thousands of people to fuel heated refugee hatred.
  4. Try to stop anyone you see in your country dousing refugee homes with gasoline, kerosine or other highly flammable liquids.
  5. If you’re a voter in Europe, and there’s an extreme right-wing anti-immigration party that’s fuelling refugee hatred and trying to get into power, try not voting them into power.
  6. Try not to form a human wall blocking weary refugees from reaching safety.
  7. Try not to start wars.
  8. If you see someone who has doused a refugee home in kerosine, lit a match and looks about to set a refugee house ablaze, try blowing out the match.
  9. If you’re the leader of an extreme right-wing party that fuels refugee hatred and someone in your party suggests completely banning asylum and leaving the European Union, try saying “that’s a bad idea”.
  10. Last but not least: Try not to vote for Donald Trump. That may not help refugees directly, but it’s a good tip in life.


by Joel Sherwood

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