22 May 2024
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Think before you throw out the old

This time of the year, at the turning of the light and with the advent of a new year, we might raise a glass and say, “out with the old, in with the new”.  Leaving the old behind is certainly something that global nomads are particularly good at. The last few months have given me […]

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Community Expat Support Health Mental health

Holding it lightly

Lately I have found myself comparing the process of an international relocation to that of childbirth. You forget how intensive it is and how much it hurts. And so, months or years later you merrily embark on the adventure again. I’m sitting in my car outside yet another apartment, waiting to go in for a […]

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Expats and Mental Health: The ‘Trailing Spouse’

If ever there was a description less befitting the hard work of a partner accompanying their loved on a foreign adventure it has to be the ‘trailing spouse’. YLC’s mental health expert Lysanne Sizoo explores the stereotypes and the reality. Many couples who move away from their home country express that it was a joint […]

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Expat Support General Counselling

Expats and mental health: YOUR questions answered

As an expat, deciding to make the move back home can often be harder than the original emigration. This week YLC’s mental health adviser, Lysanne Sizoo, answers a reader’s enquiry on the unforeseen difficulties of saying hej då to Sweden. Whether it was love, work, or studies that brought you to Sweden, when these come to a natural […]

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Essentials Housing

Changing your Address Within Sweden: the YLC Guide

Moving in Sweden can be daunting! Enter – the YLC guide to changing your address WITHIN Sweden!

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