30 Sep 2023
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The Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Awards goes to Mary Harron

Film Director Mary Harron visited the 29th edition of the Stockholm International Film Festival to present her film “Charlie Says” and to pick up the Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of her prolific career and contributions to the world of cinema. Your Living City didn’t miss the chance to talk to her on the red carpet […]

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Inaugural Gala of the Stockholm International Film Festival

Stockholm International Film Festival had a glamorous gala to mark the inauguration of its 29th edition. And Your Living City was there to bring you all the details of this dazzling night. Actors and actresses, directors, producers, models, journalists and other familiar faces of the industry walked down the red carpet at Skandia cinema, in front […]

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What to See at Stockholm International Film Festival 2018

Stockholm International Film Festival is back for its 29th edition and it’s bigger than ever! It is no surprise that with a program as vast as 159 films one needs a little bit of guidance in choosing which films to watch. So with that in mind, the editors right here at Your Living City took […]

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Stockholm Film Festival Director Git Scheynius Talks Gender Equality in the Movies

For nearly 30 years, Git Scheynius has been passionate about increasing female representation in the film industry and she knows what it takes to achieve this seemingly lofty goal. When it comes to gender equality in the movies, there’s a lot of talk about the wage gap between male and female actors, but there isn’t […]

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Getting our Nerd on at Comic Con

Comic Con is the place to be for all of us who like nerding over stuff like comics, superheroes, movies, TV series, gaming, fandom and cosplay. The Stockholm Comic Con was once again held at Kistamässan on the first weekend of November, and the event drew a large crowd, many of them all dressed up for […]

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Stockholm Film Festival’s Git Scheynius talks female filmmakers and Ai Weiwei

According to an article recently published in the New York Times, 2015 is the “year we obsessed over identity”—the year we delved deeper into the flexibility of racial, sexual and gender categories in a very public way—so it is fitting that the 26th annual Stockholm International Film Festival’s lineup offers a direct challenge to traditional […]

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Stockholm Film Festival goes Horror: Twilight Zone and Horror Night Deluxe

The halloween weekend is knocking at our doors, so if you are feeling in need for a spook or two, well, you’ll be happy to know that Stockholm Film Festival has released the titles in the film section Twilight Zone and the Horror Night Deluxe. Twilight Zone is the film section that offers the most adrenaline-filled and […]

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2015 Stockholm International Film Festival line up revealed; Ai Weiwei and Ellen Burstyn to attend

The 26th annual Stockholm International Film Festival (November 11-22) is going to be kind of a big deal, so if you’re in town and into cinema, then you’ll definitely want to check it out. With over 190 films from over 70 countries, the festival’s commitment to human rights, boundary-pushing diversity and artistic freedom will be […]

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Stockholm Film Festival 2013: What not to miss

Stockholm’s annual International Film Festival rolled out its red carpets yesterday and YLC’s own industry insider Claire Duffy is here to guide us through the six ‘must-sees’ of the event. The Stockholm Film Festival kicked off last night with a gala screening of Steve McQueen’s ’12 Years as a Slave’, and thus began the annual bonkers […]

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