21 Jun 2024
Take the Plunge: Amazing Swimming Experiences in Stockholm
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Take the Plunge: Amazing Swimming Experiences in Stockholm

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Swedish people are known for their love of the outdoors and nature — particularly when it comes to exercise. In a country that is so beautiful, Swedes often make the most of the rivers, lakes and mountains and really enjoy some wild swimming. There is even an annual ice swim race where people compete in some of the coldest swimming conditions on earth. However, if you like your water a little warmer, there are some amazing places in Stockholm for you to take the plunge, from rock pools to vibrant beaches, where you will want to spend the day with family and friends. All you need to do is bring your swimwear and a towel, and you’re ready to enjoy the Swedish waters.  

Långholmens Bad

If you are an experienced swimmer, looking for that outdoor experience, then Långholmens Bad is for you. Located at Långholmensbacken 9, 117 33 Stockholm, this sheltered swimming spot is a great place to spend the afternoon. There are narrow, sandy beaches that are perfect for having a picnic with family and friends. The island has an interesting history – from the 18th century, right through until 1974, it was a prison island. The old prison has now been transformed into a smart hostel, complete with a museum. Along with the beach, there is also a thriving outdoor scene at Långholmen and some beautiful colonial gardens.

Långholmsbadet Stockholm swim beach summer place picknick your living city bathe sun water
Långholmsbadet. Foto by Holger Ellgaard


Brunnsviksbadet (114 19 Stockholm) is a wild swimming beach that will make you want to dive in. It is located in the Ekoparken Park in Frescati Hage. The waters there are calm and inviting and the beach is a great place to spend the day people spotting. You can check out all the latest swimwear trends, from colourful tankinis in the summer months to wetsuit shorties for the hardcore winter swimmers. Bold colours and prints are definitely in for this season — and even leopard print is still making a headline. When you are heading down to the beach, pick a swimsuit that really shows off your personality. If you are an experienced swimmer, check out the beaches and inlets near Haga Park too, just a short walk from Brunnsviksbadet.


Eriksdalsbadet (Hammarby Slussväg 20, 118 60 Stockholm) is the largest swimming centre in Stockholm. It was originally built in the early 1960s for the European Aquatics Championships, however it had a huge redesign in 1999 by the prestigious architect Björn Thynberger. It is the perfect place for children, as the water is always kept at a regular 27 degrees. There are some amazing facilities at Eriksdalsbadet including two 50m Olympic-size swimming pools (one indoors and one outdoors), another 25m swimming pool, learning pools, a bubble pool, a diving tower and a special children’s adventure world. Eriksdalsbadet is open every day for swimming and there are also extensive gym facilities and plenty of fitness classes you can attend, including learning about synchronised swimming.


Tanto beach and bathe is Södermalms favourite spot in the summer time. Exactly located in Årstaviken, at the southwestern end of Drakenberg Park. Here you will find a fine-sandy beach, jetties, climbing walls, trampoline towers and there are also another amenities in the vicinity such a restaurants, bars and entertainment. There is also a shower and toilet adjacent to the bath.

Tanto strandbad beach stockholm södermalm sunny summer swim swimming city your living
Tanto beach. Foto by Stockholm.se


If you enjoy some amazing wild swimming then head to Fredhällsbadet (Kungsholms strandstig 602, 112 26 Stockholm) for a refreshing dip in the cool, blue waters. It is certainly fresh, especially in winter. Fredhällsbadet is an outdoor rock swimming pool with a designated swimming area that is marked off by buoys and rope. The water is deep, so you will need to be an experienced swimmer, it’s not a place for beginners. You can reach the pool from one of the many jetties that surround the water and there is a small decked area and lawn for you to get your breath back in the sunshine after your swim. Fredhällsbadet is owned by the City of Stockholm, however it is under the supervision of Fredhällsbadet Club, who make sure that all of the facilities are well-maintained. The pool is open to the public during the summer months from 9am – 19pm every day.

Stockholm is a wonderful place to visit if you enjoy going for a swim. If you enjoy the cool, refreshing waters, there are some great wild swimming areas where you can be at one with nature.

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