21 Jun 2024
YLC Five Fave Books for Christmas
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YLC Five Fave Books for Christmas

Still a stocking short of a few presents? More style than substance on your Christmas list? Don’t miss our five book picks – as chosen by YOU readers!  


We recently asked our fabulous readers to recommend a book they thought would make a great gift for someone else or even one they’d love to find under the tree themselves. Here are five of our favourites!


1. The Cuckoo’s Calling – Robert Galbraith

While this offering didn’t sell more than a few thousand copies before it was revealed that the author was in fact famed Harry Potter creator JK Rowling the book is still worth a look-in.  The reviews range from rave to rubbish but hey, it’s JK Rowling and just the fact that she branched out and tried something new and for adults makes this book one for the reading list, if only to be able to debate whether or not Rowling has it in her to create something outside her famous wizarding world.

2. The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat – Oliver Sacks

Nearly 30 years after its publication, this book by famed Neurologist Oliver Sacks still holds a place in many people’s hearts. Comprised of 24 essays based on some of his more fascinating patient’s histories, this book is perfect for anyone with even a passing interest in psychology.  While the stories are riveting what really captures the reader is the very ordinary lives that are touched by brain disease – and you come away feeling uplifted rather than depressed.

3. The Signature of All Things – Elizabeth Gilbert

The sixth book – and second novel – from the author of Eat, Pray, Love.  You might think this would be another romp through various exotic locals as the sassy heroine goes in search of answers. You couldn’t be more wrong. It’s the story of a plain woman born into great wealth in 1800 who longs for emotional intimacy while wrestling with a formidable intellect. I won’t tell you anymore, instead letting you discover the joys of this book yourself.

4. The Wind-up Bird Chronicle – Haruki Murakami

Another offering from the famed Japanese novelist that proves as difficult to describe as much of the rest of his work, this is the story of a man facing change of sorts, both personally and professionally. But that description doesn’t really explain what it’s about because Murakami, in his uniquely spare way, once again conjures up a world that will leave you pondering it all long after you’ve read the last sentence.

5. The Alchemist – Paulo Coehlo

This book of discovery from the famed Brazilian novelist was first published in 1988 but it hasn’t lost its appeal over the years. Coming in at just 163 pages, this is the story of a Spanish boy shepherd who is spurred on by a mysterious stranger to pursue dreams and adventure.  If you’re looking for a book to inspire you and perhaps spur you on to discover new facets of yourself, this is one for your reading list.

Inspired? If you’d like to order any of these titles – or any other great reads – click here.  And if you have more book suggestions – let us know in the comments below or on our forums!


Judi Lembke

Judi Lembke is an experienced  journalist who goes through life with a serene if slightly deranged smile on her face. When she’s not shackled to her computer, she enjoys reading, cooking and sometimes watching embarrassingly bad reality TV.  (But don’t tell anyone. She prefers to be seen as far too highbrow for that sort of thing.)  Judi also works with communications and thinks coming up with clever ideas is about as much fun as one can have without taking off one’s clothes.


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