18 May 2024
YLC Christmas Giveaway: Cupcakes
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YLC Christmas Giveaway: Cupcakes

Camelia’s Cupcakes are a household name in Stockholm, ordered by the likes of Marc by Marc Jacobs, Desigual and MTV. And now… YOU.


In 2010, Camelia Safai did a wonderful thing. She brought authentic cupcakes to a city in need. Thanks to YLC, you can win a dozen of the large variety.

Mouthwatering and beautiful, what makes Camelia’s Cupcakes special is the authentic taste of a North America in Sweden. Another brilliant aspect is the sheer choice for customers. Her range covers the choice of cake from carrot to coconut with an option of filling; the colour, flavour and type of frosting from vanilla buttercream to Swedish cinnamon and  then the all-important, what-no-cupcake-should-be-without: SPRINKLES!!

Camelia can create not just cupcakes, but cake pops and even whoopie pies; she’s a talented lady.  And whilst her wares have been sought after by high-street names in Stockholm, she is also able to create custom-designed cupcakes for baby showers, parties, weddings, corporate events and birthdays. You can even arrange cupcake-decorating classes and learn from the expert herself!

Check out flavours on www.cameliascupcakes.se, stay up-to-date on events and pictures via the Facebook page and contact Camelia on [email protected]

If all this has got your taste-buds going, please fill in our survey for the chance to win a box of large cupcakes of your choice for Christmas. Once you have filled in the survey, you just need to write the name of your favourite Swedish sweet treat in the comments area; you must do both for the chance to win!

If you have already filled in the survey to win something earlier, all you need to do is write the name of your favourite Swedish sweet treat in the comments area* – easy-peasy!


This competition is now closed.


Didn’t win? Satisfy that sweet tooth and visit Camelia’s Cupcakes to place your order!

Fine print:

Offer is for one dozen large cupcakes in one choice of cake, frosting and sprinkles from Camelia’s menu.

Needs to be redeemed by Dec 31, 2013 and picked up at Nacka Forum.

Entrants must complete the survey and fill in the comments box to win.

Winners will be drawn at random by the YLC management

*Survey only needs to be completed once; then readers are entitled to enter all give-aways


  • Natasha 4 Dec 2013

    semlor, of course

  • Cip 4 Dec 2013

    Everything chocolate cupcake! … So I can have a chocolate attack 😛

  • Lindsay 4 Dec 2013

    lusse buns! yum!!

  • Rima Nameth 4 Dec 2013

    Definitely Kanelbulle!

  • safoura 4 Dec 2013


  • Mo 4 Dec 2013

    hum… not very original but i guess i would have to say kanelbullar …

    i also love a kind of cookie that i have only seen in Sweden but has different names depending where you buy it, at Sture Katten they are called sarah bernhardt…but maybe that’s danish…? oops..kannelbullar then 🙂

  • Zainab 4 Dec 2013

    Cupcakes <3 <3

  • Xee 4 Dec 2013

    Cupcakes och kanelbulle <3 <3

  • Xee 4 Dec 2013

    Cupcakessss och kanelbulle <3

  • Ela 5 Dec 2013

    Semla is the absolute favourite, a pity you can get good ones only once a year!

  • J. 5 Dec 2013


  • Kristina 5 Dec 2013


  • Rankitka 5 Dec 2013

    Budapest cake!

  • Jinny Tee 5 Dec 2013


  • Anneli Thompson 5 Dec 2013


  • Bec 5 Dec 2013

    Kladkaka- to the point I even made it when living in Australia 🙂

  • Jennifer 6 Dec 2013


  • Anett 7 Dec 2013

    kokta kringlar & the classic bulle

  • Patric Hanke 7 Dec 2013

    Kanelfläta – Cinnamon braid!

  • Patric Hanke 7 Dec 2013

    Kanelfläta – Cinnamon Braid! (Preferably with jam or something in it)

  • Pearl 8 Dec 2013

    kokostoppar 🙂

  • Carrie Allard-Levinson 8 Dec 2013

    Daim Kladdkaka!

  • Tina 8 Dec 2013


  • Hyojin 9 Dec 2013

    kanelbulle and semla

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