13 Jun 2024
YLC Top Picks: Asian Supermarkets in Stockholm
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YLC Top Picks: Asian Supermarkets in Stockholm

Ready to go shopping for your next Asian-inspired meal? It’s a jungle out there! The markets are almost innumerable. But YLC is here to help with our own Top Five favorite Asian supermarkets. Chow down!

Oriental Supermarket

Where: Sergelgatan 16-18/Sveavägen 17

What: This new kid on the block beats all competitors. Hidden in the Hotorget T-bana station (Sergelgatan exit), the unassuming glass doors hides a huge, well stocked and clean supermarket. Prices are higher, but their variety and quality makes it worth the trip. Mostly Chinese goods and expanding Korean, Japanese and south-east Asian sections.

Bonus: In-house roastery (Peking duck, roast pork, cha siu, dim sum, appetizers). Signs in English, Thai and Chinese. Labels indicate country of origin. Food documentaries on their flat screens to inspire your next meal.


 Asian Market

Where: Olof Palmes Gata 12

What: Two glorious floors stocking 70% Thai goods, the friendly owners speak at least 5 languages. Their shelves are never empty and the constant stream of people is a good sign.

Bonus: Fresh coconut juice. Ridiculous selection of eggplants (round, thin, berry sized, white, purple or green varieties). Ready-to-eat meals and desserts in the fridge. Hand-made rice dumplings on the counter.


Mai Mai 

Where: Holländargatan 9

What: Pinoy products galore! Run by a Swedish-Filipino couple, it’s a marvelous must for a taste of the Philippines.

Bonus: Jumbo bags of chicharrones that’s both cholesterol inducing AND addictive. Day-glow pandanus drink with basil seeds, more delicious and less toxic than it sounds.

Kina Li Trading

Hong Kong Trading

Where: Olofsgatan 5

What: Atmosphere, 20 year history, and low prices. The staunch boss-lady is straight out of a 90’s Hong Kong triad movie. Don’t be offended if she talks business on the phone while serving you.

Tip: Don’t commit a major faux pax by using the stacks of paper with orange and gold squares for home decor.  The Chinese burn them as money for the dead.


Kina Li Trading

Where:  Ringvägen 129 K

What: While the food offerings are not as comprehensive as the first four, this vast emporium gets honorable mention for its dollar-store kitsch and sheer volume of the weird and wonderful. You have to see it to believe it.

Bonus: Paper lanterns, dress up gear, cloth shoes, mahjong sets and the best selection of ceramics.

Ceramics at Kina Li Trading. Photo: Ting Yu
Ceramics at Kina Li Trading. Photo: Ting Yiu


Featured Image: Chloe Lim/Flickr

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