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African and Multi-ethnic hair salons in Stockholm
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African and Multi-ethnic hair salons in Stockholm

Having a hard time finding the right salon for your hair? Stockholm is full of salons and barber shops that offer hair braiding, relaxing, setting, dreadlocks and weaves. We’ve gathered a list for you!

Photo by: Steven Depolo|Flickr

It’s never easy to find a hairdresser who can cut and style your hair just as you like it, but as an African or someone of mixed race it can be particularly difficult to find salons that specialize in your hair type. Not every salon is experienced with this type of hair and there is a certain reassurance that comes from having your locks maintained by someone who personally understands the way to treat your hair. In this list you will find the best African and multi-ethnic barber shops, salons and beauty supply shops in Stockholm. Many of these salons will also sell products specifically for your individual hairstyle needs. So whether you have dreadlocks, need your hair relaxed or are just looking for basic care, these are the people who can help you.


African Salons and Barber Shops in Stockholm


Klädesvägen 7 (next to the Apoteket)

T-bana: Brommaplan

Opening Hours: Mon – Thurs 11.00-17.00, Fri: 12.00-16.30, closed on weekends.

Call for an appointment.

Tel: 08-269903

Mobile: 073-744 61 61


Gladys is a cozy and welcoming salon owned and operated by Gladys herself. The salon carries African hair products and cosmetics. You can also check out their website to buy your hair products online.


African Magic Salong

Ölandsgatan 48 116 63 Stockholm

T-bana: Skanstull

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10-19. Closed Sunday

Tel: 08-644 01 64

Mobile: 073-181 92 70


Offers dreadlocks, extensions, lace wigs, hair relaxing, hair styling.


Rouky’s Hair

Midsommarparken 6

T-bana: Midsommarkransen (exit towards Svandammsvägen).

Opening hours: 11 – 18 or by appointment

Tel: 08 – 744 54 80

Mobile: 073 – 613 71 66


Weaves, dreadlocks, cornrows, extensions and hair products.


Afro Söder Frisörsalong

Krukmakargatan 20

T-bana: Zinkensdamm

Opening hours: Mon 11.00-7.00, Tues- Sat 10.00-7.00

Walk-ins are welcome

Tel: 08 – 6687090, 08-316420

Afro Söder is a charming barber shop and hair salon specializing in dreadlocks.  Their friendly stylists make you feel at home.


Blacknuss Hair´n´Care

Grev Turegatan 44

T-bana: Östermalmstorg

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10.00-18.00, Sat 10.00-15.00

Call for appointment

Tel: 08 651 1550


Blacknuss offers an impressive variety of services for both men and women including shaving and piercing.


Amina Dream Hair Salon

Malmvägen 18b

Tram: Sollentuna Station

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10.00-19.00

Call for appointment

Tel: 08-356426


Amina Dream is a hair and nail salon offering hair extension for weaving or creatine wax method and nail extension with gel or acrylic.


Afro Specialist

Tegnergatan 45

T-bana: Rådmansgatan

Tel: 08-21 79 84

Mobile: 070 886 53 04

African hair salon and beauty products. Drop in and appointments African unisex salon – haircuts, waves, colouring, dreadlocks, etc.


Afro Hair 2000

Photo by: Steven Depolo|Flickr
Photo by: Steven Depolo|Flickr

Döbelnsgatan 56, 113 52 STOCKHOLM

Telefon: 08-650 54 36


Afro Hair Masters

Rådmansgatan 59, 113 60 STOCKHOLM

Telefon: 08-31 64 20


Afro Specialisten, Top Design

Tegnérgatan 45, 111 61 STOCKHOLM

Telefon: 08-21 79 87


Afro Hair & Beauty Salong

Fridhemsgatan 38, 11232 Stockholm

Tel: 08-6465618


G-G Kiky

Kungsholmsgatan 11 and 13

T-bana: Rådhuset

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 11.00-19.00, closed on Sundays.

Walk-ins are welcome

Tel: 08-6509442


G-G’s offers styling for men and women. The salon also stocks cosmetics, media, foods and beverages from all parts of the Caribbean and Africa.


Beauty Supply Shops in Stockholm


Kammakargatan 40 & Drottninggatan 100

Tel: 08-212281

T-bana: Rådmansgatan, Hörtoget


TajMahal is easily one of the largests foreign shops in Stockholm. The website is specifically dedicated to the hair shop. At the actual store you can find a variety of foreign items.


Bisi Afrique

Erik Segersälls Väg 3, 126 50 Hagersten (Aspudden Centrum)

Tel: 08 645 2497

Mobile: 07 62 154 585


New African shop selling general African goods – hair and beauty products, garments, food and also ‘Nigerian movies’.


Kilimanjaro Afro-kosmetik

Barnhusgatan 2 & Drottninggatan 73

The shop carries African cosmetic products made from all natural ingredients.


By Kristan Coleman

Photos by: Marco Alexandre & Steven Depolo|Flickr


Do you know of an African salon or barber shop in Stockholm that is not on the list? Leave it in the comment section below!



  • CARINA 10 Jan 2012


    • kristan Coleman 10 Jan 2012

      Haha! I know how you feel. Happy to help 🙂

  • selly 26 Jan 2012


    i live in borås and i am looking for a person who can do hair extensions on african hai, thanks.

    • cizr 19 Jul 2014

      Me too call me if u got something 🙂 0700978828 .. [email protected]

    • cizr 21 Jul 2014

      Im looking too and live in borås .. call me 0700 978828

  • Syed 3 Mar 2012

    Hey people!

    Where can i sell my hair? 😀 haha! it’s clean, dark, and straight more or less….. LOL! I am in Stockholm currently.

  • Denise 5 Jun 2012

    I was so worry about what will happen with my hair when I will be in vacation, now I know where go if I want relax my hair. Thank you so much.

  • krisu 23 Aug 2012

    is there any african food whosaler in stockholm ?

  • Lofak 17 Oct 2012

    African Spices in Hässelby Gård is also selling hair product for different type, also selling african food stuff, for the people that live in the area Hässelby Vällingby area

    • Farrah Gillani 17 Oct 2012

      Thank you Lofak! That’s good to know 🙂

  • Annie 11 Mar 2013

    Hi, im looking for a really good hair product for my hair. It’s breaks a lot, and i don’t know what african product to use. Need something that will help my hair grow, help please!!! 🙁

  • linda 23 Mar 2013

    Hey Annie. The reasons why your hair is breaking can be for different reasons, but make sure that your hair is moisturized all day everyday..deep condition and wash your hair around 1 times a week. You need to find a product that works for your hair..everyones hair is different. Find a good moisturizer and seal in the moisture with natural oil (such as coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil. Afrohair will not easily break ones its well moisturized.

    If you have any more questions, pls feel free to contact me on: [email protected]

  • lollo 21 May 2013

    can someone help me to find a afro hair saloon that can cut my hair short,am a female and i have afro hair n i need to cut my hair n style,can anyone give me a webbsite or phone nr to a afro hair saloon.


  • wilfred 16 Jun 2013

    hi,i am a kenyan based hairdresser looking fo a job either in gottenburg or stockholm.i work on both afro and caucasian hair.vacancies anywhere?il be glad hearing form you

    • cizr 25 Aug 2014

      hey i wanna do my hair 0 7 0 0 9 7 8 8 2 8

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  • Monifa Lager 17 Jan 2014

    Hello Kristan,

    I was look at your list of Scandinavian Black Hair shops and hairdresses.

    I know of a hair in Stockholm called

    Vison´s Butik

    Repslagargatan 6

    118 46 Stockholm


    Please put this wonderful Butik your list.

    Thank you

    Monifa Lager

  • Georgette 30 Apr 2014

    Does anyone know of a hair salon that can do a full sew-in weave on african american hair? I currently live in Ulricehamn, but can travel to jönköping, göteborg or borås. Any help would be amazing!

    Tack så mycket!

  • cizr 21 Jul 2014

    im looking for a salon in Borås

  • Kimberlly kim 21 Nov 2014

    I Wanna do cornrows on the side of the head. I live in Stockholm. So where can I do it?

  • Meg 6 Aug 2015

    am from Tanzania ,can do different African hairstyles.any one in need?cornrows,pensils,kinky,twist,half way,box braid etc.

  • Meg 6 Aug 2015

    am in stockholm

  • James 27 Oct 2015

    Perhaps this list should be better called the “de-africanize your hair” salons in Stockholm. It is mostly all about shops that can replace our beautiful natural kinky hair with perms, wigs, chemical relaxation, etc. After all these years it still hurts me to see how the admiration for straight hair is so deeply rooted in our black people communities worldwide. If someone knows of a shop in Stockholm that refuses to sell all these straightening services and focuses on making naturally kinky hair looks beautiful, please post here in the comments! I would love to go there.

    • Lana 11 Jan 2016

      Ever heard of choices? As a woman who takes pride in her mane, I find it pretentious and frivolous when people automatically assume that those who wear weaves, relax their hair, etc do so because of ignorance, shame, etc. A LOT of people like to do different things with their hair and their is absolutely nothing wrong with it. There are women who obsess over things weave on due to self hate and so on, but there are also a large volume of women (probably more) who love a little something called variation. Let’s not turn everything into an I Have A Dream speech.

      • Ruth 17 May 2019

        He or she is right. There people who open these pages actually looking for specialist in afro hair but it’s always disappointing to find it’s mostly for weaves etc. Yes we wear weaves and braids for protection but we also love our hair our in it’s full nappy, kinky coily state and asking for someone literate in that area isn’t being ” pretentious or frivolous”. Yeah so it’s not a “I have a dream speech’ it’s reality. We need more salons that cater to our hair not straighten, relax, texturize and all that. It’s also a choice so maybe instead of being defensive you should actually listen to what he/she is saying.
        FYI: Pretentious is calling a salon “afro specialist” but can’t work on afro hair if not to modify it.

      • Ruth 17 May 2019

        I’m sorry but pretentious is actually calling oneself an Afro specialist yet they can’t work on afro hair without modifying it a way.
        Yes there’s a thing called choice which those of us who want to rock our natural hair deserve too. If I open a page talking about afro hair care and none caters to Afro hair if not to straighten, relax, texturize, weave etc then of course it’s disappointing and fustrating that up till now we are still somewhat illitrate about our hair.
        So before you get over defensive trying to invalidate a valid point maybe you should listen to what he/she is trying to say. I came here looking for an afro specialist and found none because they don’t render the services their titles depict and I also want.
        He didn’t assume wearing weaves means you hate your hair, he simply stated these shops claim specialty in Afro hair yet none actually cater to natural hair.

  • Rene 6 Jul 2016

    Hi, I need help please. I’m having my anniversary in orebro but I’m a Ghanaian living in London. Can any one link me to a professional photographer and make up artist please?

  • Angela 12 Nov 2016

    Hey,I live in vårby gard in vårby and I am good in hair braiding. The problem is that I am kinda new in Stockholm so I don’t really know my way around.i learnt hair making in Nigeria and I would really love to work as a hair dresser in a salon. In case any salon is hiring,please contact me on 0720168662 or [email protected]… Thanks

  • Raisibe 19 May 2017


    I am looking for a hair stylist that can do braids at my place. I stay in Morby.

  • Helen Odion 10 Nov 2017

    My name is Helen CEO of vickydeluxe afrosalong vaxjo

    • Helen Odion 10 Nov 2017

      I live in Uppsala now.My contact number is 0727715185

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