18 Jul 2024
Pet Travel a Breeze in Stockholm
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Pet Travel a Breeze in Stockholm

There is no denying that there is a special bond that forms between an owner and a pet, and it’s not unusual to treat them as part of the family, so why should travel be any different? In Stockholm, around 44% of hotels are pet-friendly, which is a good indication of how welcoming the city is in terms of pets. For travellers, one of the most important things to consider when taking Fido along for the ride is that there are a few rules to abide by. These are put in place to make the journey safe and convenient for all passengers, including the four-footed ones. With that in mind, it’s time to discover the best pet-friendly destinations and activities Stockholm has to offer.

Idyllic paradise locations

If endless stretches of beaches seem like a dream location, then Stockholm manages to bag a big one. There are a number of pet-friendly beaches dotted along the coastline and not only do these beaches provide enough space for your pup to run along the full stretch of the leash, but some of these locations also happen to offer pet showers, allowing at least one of you to return to the hotel fresh and clean. These beaches have specified rules of conduct, however, in order to ensure safe relaxation and bathing for all.

Get out of the city

One of the best ways to discover a new environment and keep your furbaby at ease is by taking to the country. Stockholm is situated near some of the most remarkable camping spots in the world that are just perfect for those who would love to explore without having to restrict their furbabies to cars, buses, and hotel rooms. While a leash is still a great idea, the vast and open spaces allow adventurous travelers to traverse through some of the most breath-taking sights, all with their furbaby in tow. Facilities such as Årjäng Camping & Stugor Sommarvik are favorites among campers and dogs alike. On these trips, ensure that your pup is vaccinated to ensure they’re protected against any parasites in the area. Make sure to provide your vet with all the information regarding your travel plans to ensure the right preventative measures are taken. This will ensure an enjoyable vacation with your pet.

When the city life beckons

Sometimes it’s necessary to stay within city limits and when that happens, it’s only natural that at some point in the journey both pet and owner will want to have a bite to eat. Thankfully, Stockholm is famed for its pet-friendly eateries and bars. Mahalo and Systrarna Andersson are known for their unique fusion of artisanal quality foods in a comfortable setting favourable to precious pooches. Some locations offer a partial pet area which restricts patrons to a deck or outside area, which can prove tricky for buffet runs or visiting the restrooms when traveling alone.

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While Scandinavian countries aren’t known as pet-friendly destinations, Stockholm seems to set the bar high. For pets and owners alike, with a little bit of research and planning, this can be a pet-friendly vacation dreams are made of.

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