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Mosebacke Design District: Another Design & Culture Mecca
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Mosebacke Design District: Another Design & Culture Mecca


As Stockholm Design Week returns on 6 to 12 February with its promise to remain as each year’s most important week for Scandinavian design by filling the Swedish capital’s days and nights with creative meetings, world premieres and hundreds of fantastic events – as thoroughly listed online, make it a point to make a beeline to Mosebacke then too.

Arising from this historically renowned meeting place for artists, designers and musicians around great art, food and wine in Stockholm’s highest area is the newly formed Mosebacke Design District; offering even more vibrant design, art and music, sumptuous food and drink, as well as cutting edge culture and entrepreneurship.

Kick-starting this ambition during Stockholm Design Week is the Torg’s very own Mosebacke Design Week, with these evolutionary pioneering players:


* Aplace at Götgatan 36 (www.aplace.com)

Founded in 2007, this fashion / lifestyle boutique with solely Scandinavian-designed clothing, accessories and home furnishings also runs the biannual APLACE Magazine – focusing exclusively on fashion designers from the Nordic region.



* Butiken Republiken at Hökens Gata 4 (www.butikenrepubliken.se)

A design gallery curating eclectic contemporary and vintage pieces, it aims to wow with its outstanding display of newly designed furniture, objects, lighting and art by Gen Ishikawa, Linus Ersson, Mira Erkens Lindroth, Malin Bobeck, and By Republiken during Stockholm Design Week.


* Green Laces at Hökens Gata 7 (www.greenlaces.se)

A shoe and accessories shop after the hearts of all the ethical- and sustainable-minded, as all its products are guaranteed 100% vegan, fair-trade and organic.



* Jon Eliason Design Studio at Svartensgatan 10 (www.joneliasondesign.com/)

Offering product design and interior architecture through the creation of desirable innovative products that keep the essence of their souls and contexts for all its clients, the studio will exemplify its motto by showcasing ByRydens’ newly designed lamps and Villeroy & Boch / Gustavsberg products during Stockholm Design Week.



* JR Work Shop / Acne JR at Hökens Gata 8 (www.jr-work-shop.com)

A design studio developing it’s own Acne JR brand of toys and functioning as a trendy store offering them, as well as other equally chic interior and art, its “Furniture meet toys. Toys meet furniture” exhibition during Stockholm Design Week displays innovative work by Floris Hovers, Jenny Nordberg, Erik Olovsson, Kyuhyung Cho, Siebensachen and Acne JR.



* Konstart / Snickars Records at Hökens Gata 11 (www.konstart.eu, www.snickarsrecords.com)

An enduringly successful vinyl record store with a cool record label started in 1995 by DJ Mika Snickars in Stockholm, and selling records like hotcakes online since 2005, it doubles up as Gallery Konstart, which thrives on organising groovy exhibitions of a wide representation of art forms by contemporary Scandinavian artists, with a preferential focus on hip graffiti and street art.



* Omnipollos Hatt at Hökens Gata 1A (www.omnipolloshatt.com)

An eclectically Zen drinks establishment offering fluffy IPA, rustic pilsner, confectionery stouts, magic taps, fruit taps, the best new school sourdough pizzas, and of course, feng shui!



* Playful Design Studio at Hökens Gata 8 (www.playful.se)

A small creative product design firm that firmly believes the world is getting better with play as being Playful is the ultimate way of unleashing creativity’s full power in exploring and re-creating the habitat. Exemplifying this to a T is its TALES, its latest creative adventure in translating a geographical location’s concept into a tasting experience.



* Södra Teatern at Mosebacke Torg 1-3 (www.sodrateatern.com)

Offering contemporary performing arts, concerts and music, Södra Teatern is not only owned by the largest world touring National Theatre, its bar and nightclub is Stockholm’s oldest and most legendary.

Its Mosebacke Etablissement is deservingly reputed for serving cozy comfort food during lunch and dinner; with the best cocktails in town, and jumping live music on Saturdays and Sundays. In line with Mosebacke Design Week, Underverk och IRL will jam the buzz up a couple of notches with a nifty storytelling event to encourage even more energetic mingling from 6pm on 8 February.



* Woodstockholm at Mosebacke Torg 9 (www.woodstockholm.com)

Founded in 2010 as an innovative design agency and furniture manufacturer, it upped its creative antics by opening the stylishly hip restaurant Stockholm Matbar Wood on its premises in 2015.

During Stockholm Design Week, this jumping Woodstockholm bistro will double up as a fashionable showroom for several of the company’s designers, featuring newly designed products along with its usual offering of delectable lunches and dinners; and throwing an extra special party on 8 February from 5pm for all to feast, drink and be merry till the wee hours of the night.

To further enhance the icing on 8 February’s celebratory cake, the other pioneer players in this inaugural Mosebacke Design Week are also enthusiastically staying open truly well after 5 that evening!

So there is definitely no better time to wander around Mosebacke – the square on the hill flanked by unique restaurants and shops; with surrounding houses as homes to several of Sweden’s most prominent designers and art galleries.

To stay up to date on this and future events and programmes by the Mosebacke kulturförening-organised Mosebacke Design District, log onto:

Its website: www.mosebackedesigndistrict.se,

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mosebackedesigndistrict2016/?surface=rese

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mosebackedesigndistrict/


Photo and information credit: Mosebacke Design District

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  • Jakob Uhlin 2 Feb 2017

    Many thanks for the article, very well written! The times for Mosebacke Design District are very exciting, we are getting more members, so expect more wonderful things to come during the spring and the rest of the year!

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