17 Jul 2024
Fit in the City: YLC weekly Crossfit Workout
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Fit in the City: YLC weekly Crossfit Workout

YLC recently tried Crossfit and now we are giving you the chance to try it too! PT Karl Gullö from Crossfit Södermalm will share with YLC readers one Crossfit workout per week, along with educational videos and top trainer tips!


Hey everyone and welcome back to your weekly fill of Crossfit! You have been doing this for a month and I hope that it’s gone great!

Previously we have done longer workouts that have had either many repetitions in them or lasted  longer in time. Today we are going to do a “sprint” workout. We want this workout to be done somewhere between a 4 – 15 minute time span depending on your fitness level. It looks like this:



21­, 15, ­9 reps of:

handstand push-ups

ring dips



These are all very hard body weight exercises. You may be thinking “Crap! I can’t do that!!!” Well, no worries. Crossfit was made in fashion so that everyone can do it. We will just scale the workout to your level.

If you can’t do handstand pushups – do the progression of elevated push-ups.

If you can’t do ring dips – do regular dips!

If you can’t do push ups – use a rubber band or do ring rows!

I want you to be as quick as you can in this workout. Go in, go out. Rest between sets but try and do the repetitions unbroken for best result.

Top Trainer Tip: Try to do this workout with a friend. They can help you in the handstand pushups and motivate you to get your blood pumping!


For all who are interested, this is a perfect time to try Crossfit at a real gym. Check out our Facebook page “Crossfit Södermalm” or E-mail me at [email protected] for more info!


Have fun!


Karl Gullö


YLC Reader offer:

During the summer, Karl offers one introduction session at Crossfit Södermalm completely free for YLC readers.  If that isn’t enough to make you pack your trainers and head to town – anyone who signs up for an annual membership will train free at Crossfit Södermalm over the summer! Of course YLC readers are still able to book four PT–hours with Karl (in English) at a 50% discount.

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