22 May 2024
StikkiNikki – ice cream offer for kids
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StikkiNikki – ice cream offer for kids

It’s a simple equation: Summer in Stockholm = StikkiNikki. YLC has teamed up with the best gelato bar in town to bring a reader offer for children!


Stockholm is a city that celebrates the sun like no other. People smile more, walk more, laugh more in the spring sunshine. Eat more too, often outdoors and often ice cream. There’s not much debate on where to go for the latter; following the example of SvD, Aftonbladet and DN, the city flocks to StikkiNikki, the gelato bar with the most beautiful flavours in town. They include Belgian choklad, lingon yogurt, fatty vanilla, New York style cheesecake, cookies and cream, blueberry lavender, green apple cinnamon sorbet… and a whole lot more!

As Nicole (StikkiNikki herself!) says:

We don’t take much seriously, except our ice cream, but that we don’t joke about. We use real fruit, real nuts and anything else we can think of to make REAL gelato. We use no chemicals, no artificial stabilizers, colourants, flavourings or other debris that makes ice cream cheaper or easier to make and store. And we don’t store our ice cream; we make it fresh – every day.



Due to high demand, StikkiNikki can now be found at four different locations around the city:


MEDBORGARPLATSEN: Götgatan 46. 11826, Stockholm.


HÖRTORGET: Drottinggatan 90, 111 21 Stockholm.


MARIATORGET: Mariatorget 1C, 118 48 Stockholm


CENTRALEN: Tegelbacken 3, 111 52 Stockholm; the kiosk in the sun, in front of the Sheraton hotel on the kaj



Any child (under 13 please) who submits a drawing to their local StikkiNikki (not the kiosk) on any Tuesday during the month of May will receive a free scoop! There will also be a prize of one liter of ice cream for the best picture submitted, so parents should include the following info on the back of their child’s artwork:

  • Name of your child
  • Age
  • Phone number and email if you wish to enter the competition for a litre of ice cream, so StikkiNikki can contact you!

Enjoy the taste of summer and remember every Tuesday in May is

StikkiNikki Children’s day with Your Living City!


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  • Urban 25 Mar 2014

    Stikkinikki has sold the kiosk on Tegelbacken 2, which is now run by other people. Only the other three locations are Stikkinikki gelaterias as of 1 March 2014. /Stikkinikki

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