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What to Buy Kids for Christmas: YLC Gift Ideas 2013
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What to Buy Kids for Christmas: YLC Gift Ideas 2013

It’s not Christmas without the kids! But – what to get them? Never fear, YLC is here with the 2013 list of greatest gifts for your merry munchkins!


1. Circus School

Yes, we’re going to get a bit crazy right off the bat here. But seriously – how many times have you wished your parents had enrolled you in circus school? Or that you at least knew how to do a somersault or ride a unicycle?  So why not give your kids that opportunity? Classes are available for all ages from 5 to 20.

2. Sci Fi Toys

Of course, something smaller and safer can be good too. Why not send the kids off on their own imaginary adventures with great scifi toys – available right here in Sweden?  Lord of the Rings Monopoly, Star Trek action figures, a Jedi umbrella…the Scifi Shop has it all!


3. Swedish Animal Sounds

Swedes may claim that horses say “gnägg” instead of “neigh”…but it still sounds the same! Teach the little ones about animal noises with a wooden puzzle complete with animal sounds. But don’t stop there – online store Krabat has paper dolls, sewable doll clothes, colouring books, puppets, strollers, building blocks, and so much more!

4. Melodifestivalen

If you’d prefer to give the kids an experience, consider tickets to one of the biggest musical experiences of the year – Melodiefestivalen 2014, in February and March. Performers from across Sweden will compete for the nation’s spot in Eurovision, performing all types of music. Tickets range from 200 to 1000 SEK depending on day, time, rehearsal/actual show, and seat type.

5. Emil i Lönneberga

Or you could stay closer to home with a play of Astrid Lindgren’s classic children’s book Emil in Lönneberga.  The show runs from Friday, December 20 through Thursday, January 19. Tickets range from 295 to 370 SEK.


6. Paint your own Dala horse

A fun Swedish Christmas craft at home could be to let each child paint their own Dala horse. It’s cheaper than buying them painted, and more fun! Several unpainted versions are available by searching for “ämne” in the shop here.

7. Constructive eating utensils

Asking your kids to eat their vegetables will be much more constructive (see what we did there?) with these fun construction utensils. Now they can bulldoze their peas before eating them – which of course makes the whole experience that much better.

8. Dollhouse

Tried and true, the Victorian dollhouse will always be as desired as the pony when it comes to children’s Christmas presents – plus it gets them off of the computer for a while. This elegant house is made of wood, not plastic, and full of exquisite detail. Kids can play with it for generations to come!

Dollhouse and utensils

9. Shaun

What’s Christmas without a little nostalgia? If you haven’t introduced your kids to Wallace & Gromit and Shaun the Sheep, it’s about time – and what better way than with this heatable, huggable animal? Stuffed animals are all the better if they keep you warm. Plus you’ll be ahead of the game – Shaun’s feature film will be released in 2015, and the kids will all be begging for cuddly Shauns then.


10. Stora Lilla Kotten Book Set with Doll

If your goal is bilingual kids, get them going with Swedish with a popular Swedish children’s book – along with a wooden puzzle and accompanying doll. The set is also 30% off this month, so snag it for Christmas while you can. Three presents in one, with reading and playtime!


Solveig Rundquist

Solveig is a recently-graduated American cactus who plucked up her ancient Scandinavian roots and transplanted them back to snowy Stockholm soil. When not writing for YLC she can be found cantering about town in search of culture, cheer and a career.

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  • claudia 18 Dec 2013

    hi everybody,

    i love Shaun. For me, in the last three years there was no Christmas without one character from Shaun:)

    I’ll have for my 1 year old son several small cars for him to destroy, (sorry, to fix 🙂 and some oranges…he loves oranges.

    For his father I’ll have something handmade: using one photo of the two of them I’ll ask a friend to make their portrait in pencil and graphite.

    This will be a perfect gift that will last forever 🙂

    Merry Christmas everyone!

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