15 Jul 2024
Let’s Get Training! The 30-Day Challenge: Week 3
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Let’s Get Training! The 30-Day Challenge: Week 3

We’re already at Week 3 of our 30-day Get Fit Challenge!  Now that you’ve eased your way into things it’s time to crank up the volume and get … cold. 


Last week I asked you to write down three goals for you to achieve. I would love to know what they are and help you with them so tell me in the comments below.

Whatever training you need to do it needs to be specially applied to your goals. If you want fast, safe and progressive development you need someone who can help you along the way. Contact your local PT or training coach and make sure that whatever you want to do – they got your back!

Now, on to this weeks training! You’re going to tuck in your socks, put on a sweater and start moving around outside. That’s right, we’re going out in the cold and the snow and we’re going to have fun doing it.


Step one:    Download the app “Runkeeper”, this app keeps track of your jogging and will give you good statistics as you go on.

Step two:    Get some warm clothes.

Step three: Put a smile on your face, it’s time to rock it.

Note: Scale these workouts as you need. Either add/remove distance, repetitions or whatever is necessary.


Workout #1

Warm up by running 1 km, then it’s time to really begin. Run between 3-5 KM,  depending on your fitness level. Start your timer.  Every minute on the minute you are going to do three squats. So the faster you run, the less squats you need to do!


Workout #2

Interval running!  Run 30 seconds followed by 15 seconds of very light jogging. Repeat for 10 intervals. Your distance traveled is your total score!


Workout #3

Time to look amazing! (or stupid, depending on how you see it)

Run 1 KM regularly

Run 1 KM backwards (this one is tough but give it a go – the results are amazing!)

Run 1 KM regularly

A quick tip is to find a route where there are as few cars as possible.  All of this can of course be done on a treadwell at your local gym as well. However you then don’t get to enjoy the beautiful scenery of snowy Stockholm!

Enjoy yourself and have fun! Dress warmly, you’ll have nice red flush cheeks all day and just look amazing for completing these workouts!  Again, if you have any questions or problems you’d like addressed, tell me in the comments below. I’m here to help and want to support you in looking and feeling your best!


Karl Gullö

Karl is a licensed personal trainer based at Crossfit Södermalm. He works with private clients, as well as groups. For more information or to book a time contact him at [email protected]

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