20 Apr 2024
Janice brought Pure Emotion to Fasching
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Janice brought Pure Emotion to Fasching

Music is at its best when it comes from the heart and Janice is one of those artists who has really poured her emotions into her music. The settings at legendary Stockholm jazz club Fasching really amplified all those feelings even further. The audience was able to get very close, so things were about as intimate as you can get. To add to that, the music was stripped down to the very raw and real acoustic components of just a piano, a cello and the amazing voices of Janice and her backing singers.

Playing at Fasching had been a dream for Janice for a long time. She had of course been on that stage before, with the Tensta Gospel Choir as well as doing backing vocals for other artists. But this was her first time as herself, in her own name – and a very fitting and special way to end the touring she has done in support of her debut album Fallin Up, which was released in February 2018.

This being a hometown show, Janice had many familiar faces in the crowd, including many of her closest people. This made her feel more nervous, she said – singing in front of strangers is a breeze in comparison… So you could basically cut the emotion in the air with a knife… There were tears and there was laughter. There was clearly so much love.

Janice held the audience in her grip from the first notes of Don’t Need To, through to the very emotional Answer as well as her vibey version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, all the way to the last notes of the majestic Queen, and going on into the encore In The Dark. She really was the Queen of that stage, and at least right there and right then she felt like the Queen of F**in Everything.

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