24 Jul 2024
In Pictures: Climate Live
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In Pictures: Climate Live

Climate Live

Live music is back as the restrictions have been lifted, so Greta Thunberg was able to realize her dream of putting together a Live Aid, but for the climate. Climate Live’s aim is to engage, educate and empower, and there are similar concerts being arranged in around 20 countries. The Swedish event took place on the 16th of October in Kungsträdgården and on a live stream. The thousands of people in the live audience were clearly very happy to be out experiencing inspirational speakers and live music together. The crowd cheered for every single speaker and artist, like they had been starving for the chance to be a part of something truly special. 

In case you missed it, you can still watch it here.

Here are our pictures of some of the amazing artists and speakers that made it a night to remember.

Loreen - Climate Live
Loreen started the evening off with her Statements, combined with the Fridays for Future youngsters singing along to Another Brick on the Wall
Victor Leksell - Climate Live
Victor Leksell sang his huge hit Svag, which is the most played Swedish song of all time on Spotify. The young girls in the front row sneaked out to the backstage entrance right after he finished…
Royal Republic - Climate Live
Royal Republic brought their catchy rock energy with Full Steam Space Machine 
Cherrie - Climate Live
Cherrie got the crowd fired up in a party mood with her Mami, Mamacita
Aysha Jones - Climate Live
Aysha Jones of Black Live Matter Sweden was one of the many inspiring speakers
Beatrice Eli - Climate Live
Beatrice Eli‘s song choice was Childish Gambino‘s Feels Like Summer, which clearly met the approval of the young audience.
Especially when big fan faves like Tjuvjakt took the stage, the young crowd had their mobiles out. (No judgment about experiencing live music through that small screen, as I tend to experience my concerts through the camera lens myself…)
Greta Thunberg singing- Climate Live
Greta Thunberg entered the stage to the crowd chanting: Greta! Greta! Greta! Everybody was expecting a speech, but we sure got rickrolled, as she gave her rendition of Never Gonna Give You Up.
Oscar Stembridge - Climate Live
The 13-year-old singing sensation Oscar Stembridge got the crowd singing along to his Don’t Lie to Me, a message from the young generation to big business and governments. (And hey, he got ISA on the backing vocals…)
Sofia Jannok - Climate Live
The Sami people were rightfully well represented at Climate Live, as the indigenous people are the guardians of a large share of the biodiversity of our planet. Here’s Sofia Jannok, who had important things to say.
Markus Krunegård - Climate Live
Markus Krunegård also joined the climate cause by singing Askan är den bästa jorden, getting the audience to join in waving their hands up in the air.
Omar Rudberg - Climate Live
Some of the biggest cheers of the evening were given to the Young Royals cast’s video greetings, and especially the one young royal who brought his song and dance live to the stage, Omar Rudberg.
Daniel Adams Ray, Erik Lundin - Climate Live
Daniel Adams-Ray had some singalong going to Gubben i lådan , and was then joined by rap star Erik Lundin.
Peg Parnevik - Climate Live
Peg Parnevik looked every bit a pop star and sang her brand-new tune My Name.
Maxida Märak - Climate Live
Maxida Märak brought her imposing stage presence and a child choir. Sapmi Represent…
More rap energy from Silvana Imam, who did her own rendition of Stad i ljus, known from Så Mycket Bättre.
First Aid Kit - Climate Live
Klara and Johanna of First Aid Kit spellbound the audience with their flawless harmonies on Wolfmother.
Greta Thunberg - Climate Live
When Greta got on stage again to talk, everybody listened to her urgent message for climate action.
The amazing evening was wrapped up by Tusse, who sang his brand-new tune Grow, before the whole audience joined him in a choir sounding like a million Voices.

All pictures © Nina Uddin

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