24 Jul 2024
A/W18 Fashion Trends for Stockholmers
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A/W18 Fashion Trends for Stockholmers

These are the hottest Autumn and Winter 2018-2019 trends – bright colours, yes bright bold shades of blue and pink, knits, statement jackets and belt bags! Which trend is your favourite this season?

And you don’t even need to run to the shops to gear up, perhaps you already have something buried, almost forgotten inside your wardrobe that is perfectly in line with this season’s trend. It’s time to dig out those wearable treasures!

Be inspired with the trends we present to you here and with our feature video where we take a glimpse back at the street style looks during A/W Fashion Week Stockholm 2018, with music by the stylish Nova Miller.


Shades of blue

The moodiest colour is back on trend, make it sky blue, ocean blue, turquoise blue… it really doesn’t matter, just make it blue!

Photo: Soaked In Luxury

Pink no mink

The new elegance will not come from a specific material, specially not from fur, but from the trendiest colour of the season, king pink!

Pink in its more faded shades, but also in strong darker tones, is the colour that stands out and flares up any look in a classy and almost royal way.

Photo: gettyinages


It might be cooler outside, but that shouldn’t stop you from giving your look a warm twist by mixing some red, dark orange and terracotta in your apparel .

Foto: Imaxtree


This is a trend we have been using now for quite a awhile and it surely isn’t ready to pass by just yet. Use one single colour for your whole outfit. It can be in the same shade, but if you want to tap on the creative side you should try mixing different shades of the same colour in your outfit. This is yet the hottest trend of the season!


Desirable touch

Soft, fluffy, warm knitted jumpers. It doesn’t have to be cashmere, but it does have to feel and look fleecy and velvety smooth.

Photo: Hunkydory

Print on print

There’s always room for contrast in fashion and there’s no better way to achieve it than by mixing different.

Photo: Naim Josefi

Shiny materials

It might be the darkest season but your wardrobe doesn’t have to be that way, use your outfit to shed some brightness onto the dark days. Some of the shiniest materials trending the season are fake shiny leather, lacquer and sequins.

Photo: Dancing Leopard


The statement jacket

Now this is not the newest trend, but it has definitely become stronger — the bigger, the bolder, the better.

Jacket by Stand

Ankle length and wide trousers

Forget about tight jeans or leggings.

Photo by Karen Lundquist featuring Nova Miller wearing BY MALINA


Hear me now earrings

Big and brightly coloured earrings, that can hardly pass unnoticed are the notes that can add definition to your outfit this season.

Photo: Ivyrebel

The all-day every-day bag

In our everyday life we are like action heroes, we may wake up as parents, to quickly become entrepreneurs/hard working professionals, to suddenly turn sporty and at nightfall the soul of the party. So we definitely need a bag that can carry all these personalities with us at all times, a piece that can mutate at our pace.

There is one Swedish brand that is betting on the multipurpose and functional, plus resistant yet extremely stylish bags and this is Bukvy.

They have the trendiest multi-purposes bags, from belt bags, to computer bags, to gym bags and clutches, all in one. Find out more about Bukvy here!


It has been a while since we saw the short coloured and patterned scarfs taking a stroll on the catwalks and they are finally back, most likely they will stick around for a while, so look inside your wardrobe and dust off all your fanciest scarfs.

Photo: Maxjenny


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