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Creed Bratton: An Evening of Music and Comedy

Creed Bratton: An Evening of Music and Comedy

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20/09/2019 19:00 - 21:00
Scala Teatern
Address: Wallingatan 37, 111 24 Stockholm, Sweden

Mystical, eccentric, kindhearted and talented are words that have been used to describe the actor and musician Creed Bratton over the years. On September 20, he visits Stockholm to invite offer two things he's really good at - laugh and music.


Creed Bratton is best known for nine seasons of the critically acclaimed American version of the TV series The Office where he plays a fictional version of himself. During the nearly eight years that the series was broadcasted, many became delighted with Creed Bratton as the company's Dunder Mifflin's Quality Assurance Manager: The manager who never remembers the names of his colleagues and neither was embarrassed for it nor for his many bizarre statements.


Although Creed Bratton is best known as an actor, he is also an established musician with a career that spans almost five decades, and he has no plans to stop. In April, he released his seventh album While the Young Punks Dance with ten new songs, produced by Dave Way and Dillon O’Brian.